​Taking a chance on your own dreams and desires can feel scary or impractical. 

Heck, you may not even know what your dreams are because you are so focused on others and doing the “right” thing (my case for years.) 


Committing to yourself, doesn’t mean you have to be a selfish and neglect your family or friends but, it may mean you need to do some hard things.

For you, it’s easy to work hard.


But doing hard things, like changing relational dynamics and prioritizing your own needs and desires, can be terrifying. 

However, with the right support, you can do hard things.


What would it be like to finally come home to your true self and feel more connected and supported by life & others?


Lots of people think that what holds them back from being abundant is money or a person not changing, essentially that it’s about circumstances. 


More times than not, it’s about letting go of the belief that you have to sacrifice me to have we. 

I believe this is true abundance. There are ways to have both/and……I can show you.

I will bring the tools, guidance, and structure all you have to do is bring a willing heart.


Client Experiences:

"I feel truly grateful and blessed for all the work I have done with Sweta, as I feel the more I have worked with her, the more I have trusted her to have my highest good in her intention.  She has helped me through some very unsettling times in my life, from getting through a large transition in jobs, to navigating making new community for myself, finding my tribe, nurturing my family, making choices about church, and connecting with my husband. 


She has seen me through some of my darkest moments, and working with her has always felt supportive.  I am a sensitive person, and can detect inauthenticity in people pretty easily.  Sweta is through and through kind, respectful, compassionate, and supportive of myself and my family.  I have learned so much about how to be true to myself from her.  I have tapped into inner strength through meditation practices, creative expression practices, and journaling practices with her guidance.  I have learned how to communicate with my father's spirit, and I have found a wellspring of self-compassion through my work with her.  I highly recommend her to anyone in the midst of transition. 


She is able to hold space beautifully and compassionate. I really benefited from the forms she created, it gave me the power of focus, and I am stronger for my work with her.  I have more faith in myself and in the universe that I can do really hard and vulnerable things and get through really challenging times with the right supports in place."

Amanda Bartlett

Holistic Occupational Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Mom 

I know you are a busy person so my intention is to make this manageable and fun as possible. I will give you tools and access that's simple but powerful! 

If this resonates for you and you would like more details/or have further questions, please set up a call.

VIP Up-Level 4 - Month Package
  • In this 4 month program, you will be held in a container with a bi-weekly appointment to focus on you. 

  • Unlimited email/voice memo/text support between sessions (24-48 response time.) 

  • During our sessions, we explore what dynamics in your life that don’t really serve you.

  • We identify what you really want to commit to and how to co-create that for you, the people you love and your legacy home. 


  • I'll guide you through processes of deep listening and help illuminate how you are being supported to grow and evolve.


  • I will give you the tools and structure to feel capable of taking action on the big desires of you heart

How you will feel:


  • More clear, self-aware and capable of change


  • More connected to your body and your truth


  • Empowered to advocate for yourself and available for authentic intimacy with yourself and others


  • More connected to your Inner- Teacher and heart, you will feel an increase in self-worth and have a Bigger Vision for YOUR Life.

What you will walk away with:

  • A copy of my book I Still Haven't Found what I'm Looking for....Now What?

  • Access to my frameworks to keep you inspired & accountable to your dreams in a way that honors your lifestyle, values and way of processing. 

  • Access to my client library with tools, meditations and workshops

"I started working with Sweta after attending one of her workshops to explore bringing more passion to my work. She is practiced in and synergizes a broad array of techniques, practices and approaches (every time I referenced a known practitioner or methodology she was well familiar with them.)


In a personalized approach she made things understandable and relevant to me. She helped me identify goals, techniques and practices for obtaining them.  Specifically, she helps identify and discredit our individual limiting beliefs and habits; identify support and resources we already have (or can obtain); provides tangible practices and habits, keeping me accountable and moving forward. During my initial 4 month program with Sweta an opportunity arose and she provided the guidance and support to help me evaluate, recognize and understand whether and how I could make it work.  I’m starting a completely new job into a leadership/ exec level position and I couldn’t be more excited!


During this time I was also looking to move from my current living situation, and Sweta supported me finding and moving into the perfect new place. Her support with all I had going on was tremendously powerful. From dis-empowering lifelong practices to exploring, pursuing and obtaining new opportunities, Sweta’s “secret sauce” is  combining energy, intuition, broad expertise and science-backed practices have proven great outcome, for me. So much so I’m continuing working with her on other areas of my life!"  


~ Jen S. VP of Legal

You deserve to live life the way you REALLY want. I hope you will join me on this life-enhancing journey!