Have you always wanted to go to Peru?


Haven't planned your summer vacation yet?


Have kids and and does going on a trip outside of Disney vacation seem impossible?


Do you just hate planning?


Are you afraid of being in a foreign land where you don't speak the language? 


Travel is not just about seeing sights it's about the experience.


Perhaps you love history or culture or good food or you love nature and sports/adventure or you want a romantic experience after years of just being in parent mode or you want to relax and connect to your soul. Perhaps you want all of those things! 


What if you had a travel angel and local Peruvian family by your side to make the Impossible vacation a reality? 


I'm taking about a customized experience not just a tour


Imagine having everything done and planned for you exactly the way you want without the effort of having to do it yourself?


On top of that being in the country with a local family as your guide. Serving as your translator and bringing you to unique experiences you would never have on your own or on a tour.












We will be in Cusco/Sacred Valley from June 18 – 25 2016. This is a special auspicious time to be in Peru. On June 24th will be the festival of Inti Raymi.


This is a feast of the Sun God and Patchamama (Mother Earth), the main Gods of the Inca civilization. These Gods were considered to be the creators of all that exists. They rule over the destiny of mankind and the universe!


We will be there personally to make sure you have a unique once in a life time experience!  


We are happy to customize a trip for you to give you a magical personalized experience.





Why Peru?


We chose Peru for obvious reasons; Edwin was born there, we have connections and experience taking families there. 


Also, Peru is one of the most culturally and ecologically diverse countries you will ever visit. There is so much to do there and the food is incredible! 


 The itinerary is created to visit all the sites while also having time to nurture your individual interest and create community with like-minded people.


We can create family days, date night, guys night, girls night, salsa lessons, cooking instructions, spanish lessons, white water rafting, horse back riding, hiking, etc.  

Connect to Your Soul

We understand that you may want to connect deeper to your soul while in Peru.


We can't think of a better place to retreat, since the vibration is so magical.  The area you will stay in is actually called Sacred Valley. You will visit Macchu Picchu, one of the world's most powerful energy vortexes, and it's only a train ride away.


Sweta's biggest frustrations with spiritual retreats was that they are not family oriented. She appreciated the alone time but missed being far from her family for a long period.


Therefore we have weaved optional special activities to connect to your spirit, such as daily group prayer/meditation and yoga, and then carry this energy back to your family.


For anyone who wants to go deeper, we will offer workshops about invoking the Divine Feminine and Divine Mother within. This is a powerful and unique opportunity being in the womb of Pacha Mama (Quecha word for Mother Earth). Please read below for the retreat taking place June 21 and 22nd of 2016.


Last but not least, we offer an oppportunity to meet with a local Shaman. Sweta will accompany you to translate from spanish to english as well as explain the spiritual context to apply in your daily life. 


You will not find such a singular experience any where!