Join Dr. Sweta for a Live Virtual Circle to 

 Slow Down, Listen to Your Soul Voice & Let Love In

Nov. 9th 10:30 am PST/1:30 PM EST

For some of us it's easy to Love others but to give that same love to ourselves is really hard. 

But when we practice vulnerably receiving Love, we are even more of service to the ones we care for.

The era of celebrating sacrifice as a way to show our deep devotion is being shifted to loving from wholeness. 


Self-worth based on accomplishments, taking care of others or seeking  approval is not how we honor our soul and is not sustainable. 

The how is within and with others. 

Isolation is the #1 dream and soul killer


It's time to really give to yourself.


We Live in a Day where there is so much noise

Expert Advice and Inherited Fear is Everywhere


But, deep Inside of you is a Wise Being that knows the way

She/he helps you weave a web of magic and when you commune with other weavers, the impossible becomes possible

I want you to experience this new reality


You are invited to gather and experience:


The Art of Co-Creation

 ~ Weaving the Life you REALLY want

What to Expect:

  • A guided experience facilitated by Dr. Sweta, to help you drop into your heart and soul​

  • Lots of spaciousness to reflect and hear your inner-wise being

  • An opportunity to be witnessed in a safe environment to call in what you truly desire for your life


  • A potent alchemical space where "unworthy" "not enough" "impossible" magically transmute into wholeness and possibility

  • Connection with other heart-centered soulful beings

I promise this experience will be nourishing and offer clarity  

It’s all connected!  With Sweta, I have learned not only about the abundance of the Universe but, most importantly, that I am worthy of indulging in the desires of my heart—fear and guilt free. I can have what I want and it can all be effortless.  I am in absolute awe at the magnitude of the greatness that existed within me all along. Much love to Sweta, may God bless you, forever."​ -Alagia Felix Production Manager and Creative Director

Sweta Chawla PharmD and Author of the book I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…Now What?  Left her 17-year Profession of Pharmacy after the premature birth of her son. Leaving a decade long career as a Professor she then took a deep-dive into her soul and gave birth again. This time, it was to herself after decades of living for others. To her surprise, she came out a Story Weaver and Life/Soul/Career Coach. She's passionate about supporting smart folks that care about others “too much” or as she lovingly calls them ambitious nurtures go from accomplished to fulfilled.  As an “uncertainty” advocate, she helps her clients take leaps of faith to pursue their own passions and live a self-approved life.  However, don't mistaken her "love & light" attitude. Her Alter Ego is Ms. Piggy and she’s determined to help even the most insecure souls shine their light. She's enthusiastic about inspiring everyone that crosses her path to lead by inner-wisdom and teaches her clients conscious communication to create a life of harmony. Her approach is about giving permission to want it all on YOUR terms without having to do it alone. Instead feeling magically supported. When not "working," she’s either salsa dancing, at an open-mic/improv or exploring the world with her family and sometimes alone.