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What does 2018 hold for you life?


Often times we set goals to give us an outcome. Lose weight so we can have more romantic connection, make money so we can have freedom, beauty, and adventure.

Have you ever reached a goal and not felt satisfied or got down on yourself because you didn't accomplish what you planned? 


What if deep inside your soul there was a yearning that you many not be fully aware and the disappointment was a lesson your life was teaching you. What if you could cut right to the lesson and plan your life around it so that you can feel both fulfilled and successful?


When you tap into that divine desire instead of setting resolutions that come from surface wants - you align with your truth and your theme. That kind of alignment invites the whole universe to conspire and support you. 

Soul Goals marry your will with Divine will and put you in the driver seat of your life. You no longer waste time striving for what's not real and instead feel the grace of being carried - even/especially through the hard choices. 

On the left is a picture of some of the visions that came through me with this practice at the beginning of 2017. I did not know what they initially meant. However, the lesson/theme the universe delivered for me was equanimity (being more emotionally centered) and my personal desire was embodied expression through creativity. 


If you watch the video on the right it's pretty clear that my soul experienced what it needed and what I wanted during the year: teaching, publishing my story and reclaiming beauty.


I cultivated the emotional strength and inner-confidence to put myself out to the world in a bigger way. All of which came to me as unexpected invitations. I have never felt more expanded and grounded at the same time.


I would love to help you get both what you need and want this 2018.