How to Create Success that FEELS Good

A while back, I gave an interactive talk/workshop tiled the Provocative Path to Playing Full-Out Professionally.

During our time together, we laughed, cried and most importantly got real.

Woman after woman how unseen they feel with their titles because their work is so much more profound and they don't feel recognized.

Some shared how unsure of how to honor their education and experience and their inner-callings.

They know they have all these talents and gifts but their potential is not being fully expressed and their soul won’t allow them to ignore it anymore. Yet they are scared or confused on how to embrace the parts of themselves that are so deeply wanting to be shared. Can you relate? I supported these women to give voice to these unseen parts through what I call soul speak. For some it was about being more bold. For others it’s was about being more soft. What was interesting was how many shared how much they have been running away from these parts of themselves. I get this on such a deep level (that’s the part I ran away from, my depth) We each have our own unique journey but what is the same is we can’t hold our true selves back any more. Each day we ignore that inner-voice, it chips away at our self-worth and ripples into our day jobs & relationships. We get resentful of our relationships and snap at the very people we are putting before our expression. I know this dynamic too. For years I worked hard accomplishing a lot - but underneath I knew their was something else. I was scared of change and couldn’t even admit it. When my coach named it for me, I felt like a mask was taken off. Even though I deeply desired to share my true self, it felt very vulnerable because the image I projected to the world was about being strong and having it all together. I felt naked being so in my truth about not wanting to be a pharmacist but it was the best thing that could ever have happened. And that’s what I want for you. Perhaps you have tried to get help with making a change. Maybe you even hired a coach, enrolled for trainings on how to start a blog/write a book or have a drawer full of trainings and certifications. Or maybe you are just so stuck that you think about these things but can’t seem to take a step forward. What I have learned on my own journey and working with lots of people is that it’s not about the information and trainings. What holds people back is so much deeper and it’s often rooted in past disappointments and following a plan/path that is not aligned with their unique style. But who wants to hang out in disappointment? And if you are highly educated, doing things your own way can feel un-grounding because we are so used to following steps instead of our soul. Flipping back and forth between intellect and intuition - the brain and the heart is why you get exhausted and reach burn out.

It's like putting your foot on the gas pedal and break at the same time. Preparation and Integration is what allows for sustainability around alignment. When you take time to connect to our heart and soul and work the energy first (in an aligned way) you land in the world of possibility and create resonance which allows for opportunity to come to you. When you are honest & playful, you create opportunities that don't require effort and dare I say, come to you in magical ways. If you want to learn more about how to apply this to you specifically, let's connect.

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