Being in your Truth around Family

Growing up Indian, family and being close is paramount to my culture. I have the fondest memories of family gatherings.

However, once I started to question my life and look within my soul and experience major transition, I had a lot of anxiety meeting my family.

I call these in- between stages, soul-initiations, they show up as transformation from one role to another.

For example, going from being an individual to a parent, a professional to an entrepreneur, married to divorce, living to fit in to living with integrity.

It can feel so challenging and un-grounding.

Especially when you find yourself around small talk where people are trying to make sense of the new you…….. “so,what do you do?”

My identity was going through a major evolution and I didn’t know how to be in a world where it wasn’t safe to be a mess.

Most of my life, I usually fell into 2 buckets, I was either a conformist or a rebel.

I know that can sound paradoxical but the more I meet my tribe, the more I get that we are group that thrives both on freedom and connection which, can feel opposing.