How to Live Magically in the "Real" World

"Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart is in it, and live the phrase the sky's the limit." — Notorious B.I.G

For years, while living in Brooklyn, I would trek across snowy NY streets in biting cold wind to get to the gym.

Taking aerobics and yoga classes kept me motivated, I loved working out with other people.

Eventually, we moved to a new neighborhood where I lived across the street from my place of work, a University. Now, I had free NYC parking, super cheap gym and olympic pool access.

I really had some amazing Golden Handcuffs, but it did come with a price (my soul integrity.)

After a decade long job at this University, I quit.

I gave up a steady pay check and worried a lot about money.

And even though, I finally lived in a building with a gym and could save money on a membership, I missed taking group classes.

I happened to live across a major gym facility (with amazing classes.)

It came with childcare, which felt so indulgent as a new mom.

I grew up with the belief (although unconscious) that you have to earn love and support.

All my value had come from my job.

I was being coached at the time and was really learning to value myself, my needs and my desires.

So even though, it was foreign for me, I allowed myself to follow my heart desires.

Investing in a gym and NYC garage parking because I valued my need to dance and time (not driving in circles looking for a spot) was a real stretch in receiving while not earning.

The allowance of I wasn't willing to drive around the block for 30 minutes to look for parking was a real stretch in receiving while not earning.

Never did I imagine that I would meet one of my dearest clients, Dagna.

This was one of my first experiences of realizing that, "when I give to myself, I give to others" and that the Universe has my back.

It's just me, that gets in the way (still working on it)

Dagna, has been on so many adventures with me...literally!

She's been through several of my workshops, coaching programs and even took her first (now many) International trips when she came on retreat with me to Colombia, South America.

Since that time in my life 5 years ago, I've learned to give to myself unconditionally over and over.

It has required lots of taking risks and allowing the Universe to support me.

Although, I didn't know it at the time, I was learning the Art of Co-Creation, and was teaching Dagna and my other clients how to live this way too.

I share the steps in the last of my 3 part blog series on Career Shifts and Identity Changes. You can access that blog here.

I don't know about you, but when I am learning something new, real life examples really help me.

Especially if it's esoteric and spiritually related.

So I decided to interview Dagna, to give you real life examples of what it's like to let go of control, follow your heart and voice and allow the Universe/Divine to support you.

Essentially, what I call Living Magically in the "Real" World.

In this podcast interview Dr. Sweta: Life/Career/Soul Coach & Story Weaver interviews a client and shares specific stories on how to follow your heart & soul whispers when you don’t know how to.

Dr. Sweta & Dagna talk about:

  1. Taking a leave of absence from your job without knowing your next step

  2. We get into the details of what to do during Uncertainty

  3. How to give yourself space to reconnect to your soul & step into possibility

  4. How to build trust for the process

  5. Why honoring your needs and unique energy/essence is vital to not losing yourself

  6. How to cultivate a courageous mindset to honor your heart desire even when there is a lot of fear & “should’s”

  7. What you need to create a Life on your terms

You can click on the photo to watch this interview via video

To Listen download Audio Here or click on Icons to listen via App.

If you feel your Heart & Soul pulling you to receive some support to live Magically in a Real World, I have a new Group/Private Coaching program called Dream Catcher starting on Nov 16th.

You can learn more about it by click the photo below. If it resonates, I invite you, to set up a time to chat with me about.

Enjoy the interview, and wherever you are on your journey of

Co-Creation, I send you Big Love!

Sweta aka Dr. Sweta

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