Career Changes & Identity Shifts: {3 part series} Part 3 Saraswati

We are in the last of a 3 part series on navigating Career Changes & Identity Shifts.

My muse has orchestrated to parallel this series with the Hindu festival of Navratri, the 9 days of the Goddesses.

I say orchestrated because I do believe there is a divine orchestration and we ALL have access to it.

I’ve invited you to look at your transition with fresh eyes and take ownership of your experience. You can read my last blog here.

Saraswati is the Goddess we are currently celebrating and she is best known as the Goddess of Knowledge.

In my culture parents have their children pray to her daily for good grades, intelligence and success which give us good self-esteem.

This is important but I know for many of you reading this you want more.

Remember Lakshmi has invited you to aim for fulfillment not just accomplishments.

You have reached the point in your life where you know you have more to offer the world but you are not willing to compromise your integrity into the structures you have seen.

As much as you desire to dance with the Goddess and bring your beauty & brilliance into the world, I’m sure you feel pressure to perform for others or lost without knowing the steps.

It’s habitual to fear uncertainty and the unknown and feel insecure and hard on yourself for not having it “all together.”

However, I believe it’s something deeper.

On a soul level many of us are walking around with deep memories of wounding where we have to sacrifice our being to belong, to be successful, to be loved, to fit in.

As deep as we feel the call to bring our beauty & brilliance in the world, we are scared and hold back for fear of rejection, being ignored, being disrespected, losing love or no longer wanting to compromise.

Our minds limit us and it’s agenda is to protect our broken hearts.

Our fears hold us back because they are based on knowledge/information of the past or other peoples agendas.

However, Saraswati has something to offer us to go beyond just the mind and knowledge so we can move forward.

She is also the Goddess of art, music, creativity and creative wisdom.

I believe she is asking us to step into our Shakti (creative potential), which has been shut down for so long.

She is offering to help us create new worlds for our families, our greater community and ourselves because as Kali has shown us…the old structures no longer work.

In Sally Kempton’s book “Awakening Shakti”she writes, “Saraswati’s grace, her Shakti, kindled Brahma’s creative wisdom—as well as his passion to make universes.”

I believe she is doing the same for you and through I ask you:

How is Sarawati's Shakti kindling your creative wisdom and passion to make a new universe so your heart & soul can re-bloom?

If you are not sure step 3 in the Art of C0-Creation will help you.

Step 3…. Master the Divine ChaCha.

Your inner wise woman (Saraswati) asks you:

  • To master the art of listening to the whispers of your soul

  • Trusting to take action on them while also learning to let go at each step.

The invitation is to put down your planner and follow your curiosity/ heart tugs one baby step at a time and to trust that you will be met by your divine partner.

It shows up as curiosity about a class, a desire to reach out to a person for advice or an invitation to a new space or a gig/project and even though you feel unsure, you say YES!

You release control of always needing to be the lead and trust your divine partner.

Nor do you hold back your desires and preferences!

You share your preferences energetically and your partner attunes to your needs, holding you more firmly when you are vulnerable or releasing you to twirl freely when you feel safe.

When you learn the Divine Cha-cha, uncertainty can actually become less scary and maybe even fun.

So I ask you again How's is your creative wisdom and passion being rekindled to make a new universe so your heart & soul can re-bloom?

As I shared in the first blog about Kali and letting go:

Career Changes & Identity shifts are deep processes and can feel ungrounding when you don't know that you are being asked to weave your own web.

A web where you get to be yourself and allow that beautiful soul of yours to shine freely.

Your dimming is not your fault....a flower can't bloom if it didn't have the right environment.

Don't take on the burden of not "doing" what you were meant to in the world, just start weaving your web right now.

When you do, all the support that you need to be held will surround you because you co-created it, like this spider.

I saw her just waiting for me to see her shine while on my walk. Of course, I see it as a sign because I have made synchronicities my divine partner. I call them Goddess Winks.

If you are interested in weaving a web for your life but don't know how, know you don't have to do this alone.

Join my FB group where we share stories and I offer meditations and visualizations to support you totally for free!

And if you are really ready to start creating your web, sign up for a complimentary clarity call with me by clicking here.

During our 45 minute call, I will help you to get to get clear with your heart and help you to identify the structure you need to co-create for your soul desires to be birthed.

And if you need support to implement and it's a right fit, I will share with you my coaching offerings.

Regardless, you will get a lot of attention and value during our 45 minutes together.

Last but not least, enjoy this video from my wedding reception. I was surprised by my husband with an impromptu dance with his friend (a salsa teacher.)

I was not prepared but had a strong lead and so was able to really enjoy myself.

That's my greatest wish for meet the unknown with trust & joy.

Big Love,

Sweta aka Dr. Sweta

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