Career Changes & Identity Shifts: {3 part series} Part 2 Lakshmi

A few days ago I sent you part 1 of a 3 part series on Career Changes & Identity Shifts.

It “just happened” to coincide with the Hindu Festival Navratri, 9 days of celebrating the Goddesses.

I use quotes because I don’t believe in coincidences but Divine Orchestration.

When we tap into it, life has more depth and becomes magical & guided.

But how do we tap into it?

It’s natural for the in-between phase of career transitions and identity shifts to feel like torture.

I want to emphasize the importance of not jumping into the next thing too quickly.

You can read the first blog of this series for why….here.

Most people I know in this situation crave freedom but also feel ungrounded without structure and that’s why they hook onto the need for something tangible.

However, seeing Divine Orchestration is not easily apparent if your focus is on controlling life so you feel safe by knowing outcome.

What’s the new way of being and what do we do in the mean time?

Twittle our fingers?

Sit in puddles of anxiety?

Absolutely not.

I believe you are being invited to live life differently.

The core of this phase is to aim for Fulfillment not Accomplishment.

Fulfillment is about your happiness, self-awareness, healthy relationships, creative expression, meaningful impact, prosperity, and most importantly enjoying the journey.

Accomplishment is just outcome-focused…get to the goal and likely driven by wanting to

feel safe, important, worthy, accepted.

Remember this is a soul initiation and it’s an opportunity to live a self-approved life supported by something much greater than you.

You have choice in every situation.

If you have always lived for others, being good, following rules, achieving, than you likely feel unsure and confused.

It’s time to take control of your confusion and set up your unique life structures intentionally aligned with your soul so that Divine Intelligence can support you.

Step 2 is Date Yourself!

Get curious about what kind of connections and environment you need to feel good and thrive and start to create them.

I am here to ask you to ignore the pressures that try to rush you into a box....another fixed identity or hold onto old dreams that are no longer relevant. Take a stand for courting yourself, who you are now and enjoying the journey.

It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart.

Reflect on your past.

Think about the scenes of your life and when you felt most at peace, alive or whatever feeling your soul needs right now.

You may be surprised.

Your fearful mind will give its power away to other peoples agendas or old ways of settling for less but your heart and soul will not lie.

What kind of situations feels good to you deep in your soul?

What kind of an environment do you need to help you feel not only safe but excited to be FULLY you? What is it that your soul needs?

When my mother passed away I ended up moving from exciting NYC to be with my family in NJ.

I didn’t want to move but in hindsight it was orchestrated to give me what my soul needed.

My life was turned upside down.

I went from having a fun and exciting social life, money to travel and freedom from my conservative upbringing & culture to isolation and lots of empty space (literally.)

I ended up home alone in a 3-bedroom townhouse in the suburbs of NJ.

Many years later, I was surprised when I did this exercise myself.

I was grieving the loss of my mother but this was the memory that came up as the most peaceful.

I know now it was because I was spending time doing what filled my soul, writing and dancing.

I was also surrounded by nature.

This situation took me deeply within.

I didn’t have the connection of roommates or the desire to meet co-workers or friends for drinks and superficial conversation in fancy restaurants.

Not saying this is bad (it’s actually what my soul wants now) but at that time I needed solitude, reflection & movement.

I had learned a little salsa in Peru and decided to take some lessons.

I was surprised at how much joy awakened in me.

It wasn’t just the dancing, but the environment.

I had taken lessons many times but there was something special about this school.

The teacher didn’t care about perfection he had passion.

His passion attracted an amazing community to enjoy music & movement that really resonated with my heart.

That was 13 years ago.

My life was giving me a glimpse into my purpose and passion but I didn’t have the awareness or guidance to know to follow it.

It took me another 7 years and much more loss to realize that I am a writer and a dancer.

It’s just in a form that most people don't expect including me, more about that in the next blog.

Just know, that your destiny will not pass you.

We have to make peace with divine timing, detach from form and learn to enjoy the journey.

Progress comes from choosing to create beauty instead of forcing agendas.

Beauty is not about what looks good to others.

It’s an expression of Unconditional Love.

What feels connected to what’s in your heart?

When you embrace true beauty, it creates resonance.

It attracts possibility and that is what it means to be abundant.

Possibility is created when you surrender to what life is offering you…even if it does not make sense to your agenda of outcome.

This is the energy of Lakshmi.

The Goddess of Prosperity & Beauty.

She is probably the most worshipped & prayed to Goddess for money and success and she has been so limited.

I ask you to connect with her in a different way.

Don’t isolate and hide or force an outcome to make yourself feel valid in the eyes of others by hustling for worthiness.

Instead invoke the belief of possibility over control and shine your beauty & brilliance without any need for approval.

You don’t “have to have it all together” just own your transition and truth. When I was in my in-between stage I had a business card that read Retired Professor….Emerging Artist.

How cool does that sound?

What unfolded completely surprised me: Theater reviewer, Improv performer, a trip to Mary Magdalene's cave in France, 2 publications, photoshoots, podcasts, and more alignment & growth with my coaching business.

Just look at the difference in my photo from Professor to who I am now.

Remember, other people don’t determine your destiny, you do. Especially when you are dancing with the Divine.

I am asking you to not only co-create your life & career but also the journey.

We will get more into how to learn the choreography in my next blog but till then, enjoy living in the world of possibility.

I ask you again:

What Beauty & Brilliance wants to emerge from you?

I’d love for you to share what’s coming up for you.

Send me a personal message.

I read every single one!

You can also share it in my free FB group Goddess Winks where other brave souls are navigating the waters of co-creation.

Come over and join us!

For the last phase of this 3-part series, you can click here.

Till then, if you are not in my virtual community to get my emails in your inbox…please head on over to and join the party.

Big Love,

Sweta aka Dr. Sweta

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