Career Changes & Identity Shifts {3 part series} Part 1 Kali - Release

Structures are falling apart big in small everywhere you look. This may be happening to you on a personal level. Perhaps you were laid off, your institution is going through massive change or you were called to take a leap of faith. The old way is dying but the new way has not quite emerged. This leaves a period of uncertainty & the unknown, which quite frankly most people I know don't like. For some, it can create great anxiety. I believe the anxiety we feel comes from being asked to no longer go against who we truly are on a soul level. It's an initiation in to birthing our being. I believe we are going through a great collective awakening that's asking us to stop ignoring nature. Nature has a process and because we are inhabitants of this earth we too are of nature. We are seeing how she is taking a stand and will no longer be ignored. She's enraged for being denied, dumped on, controlled and manipulated.

She is causing great upheaval. She is saying, I will no longer be ignored!

In my culture this is the energy of Kali.

She is one of the faces of Durga, the Divine Mother.

Today happens to be the first of 9 nights of Navratri where we celebrate the 9 faces of Durga who brought Light to Darkness.

But first you have to go into the dark and let go of what no longer serves.

The first 3 days are of the energy of Kali……the Goddess of removing impurities, negative thinking and hateful ways of being.