Career Changes & Identity Shifts {3 part series} Part 1 Kali - Release

Structures are falling apart big in small everywhere you look. This may be happening to you on a personal level. Perhaps you were laid off, your institution is going through massive change or you were called to take a leap of faith. The old way is dying but the new way has not quite emerged. This leaves a period of uncertainty & the unknown, which quite frankly most people I know don't like. For some, it can create great anxiety. I believe the anxiety we feel comes from being asked to no longer go against who we truly are on a soul level. It's an initiation in to birthing our being. I believe we are going through a great collective awakening that's asking us to stop ignoring nature. Nature has a process and because we are inhabitants of this earth we too are of nature. We are seeing how she is taking a stand and will no longer be ignored. She's enraged for being denied, dumped on, controlled and manipulated.

She is causing great upheaval. She is saying, I will no longer be ignored!

In my culture this is the energy of Kali.

She is one of the faces of Durga, the Divine Mother.

Today happens to be the first of 9 nights of Navratri where we celebrate the 9 faces of Durga who brought Light to Darkness.

But first you have to go into the dark and let go of what no longer serves.

The first 3 days are of the energy of Kali……the Goddess of removing impurities, negative thinking and hateful ways of being.

The world (especially the west) loves sharing images of her being an angry, enraged Goddess.

This morning she showed me another face.

One that is fierce and graceful.

She stands in her truth but doesn’t have to blow up relationships & structures by being in self-righteousness. If you are finding yourself in major transition….I ask you, how is Kali showing up for you?

What is not aligned in your life that wants to be released? Yes there is a lot of uncertainty in letting go and not to know what’s next.

If you are one of the brave souls that is saying yes to the invitation, I honor you. It is brave & courageous.

You are being asked to cultivate great trust and patience (something we suck at in modern day). A rose does not grow overnight and neither will you. We are being asked to respect the process of death and rebirth but there is so much noise in this world pushing us to always be birthing/producing/harvesting. It's not sustainable. It's why we have so much illness, anxiety, depression...we are going against our true nature.

We need to create space first and be okay without knowing right away what’s next or filling up with the “wrong” thing just to avoid the unknown. It's also not as uncharted as you may think. There is a's just not all yours. There is a divine orchestration and we have access to it. There is a map, it’s just not linear. It's actually more like an interactive map, a spider web that we co-create and weave together. I see it as 3 phases that repeat over and over.

The first step which, synergistically happens to align with Kali.

Interestingly enough, I did not plan this.

I didn’t “know” I would be posting this blog today as “she” woke me up at 6 am. I had another blog ready to go (a perfect example of the divine plan)

Step 1: Letting Go and allowing for the pain of loss. There is a grieving process that comes from shifting identities that we do not honor and respect in the modern world. When we don't take time to really grieve and rush into the next thing, moving forward takes a lot longer.

Without completion of past pains, fear will hold us back, begging us to deal.

So, I ask you again,what wants to be released?

It can be a thought pattern, resentment towards a person/yourself, a job, a circumstance, a bad habit, or an old identity.

Just so you know, you don’t have to release it NOW.

Acknowledging and setting an intention to release is really powerful.

The collective energy is supporting you.

I’d love for you to share what’s coming up for you.

Send me a personal message.

I read every single one!

You can also share it in my free FB group Goddess Winks where other brave souls are navigating the waters of co-creation.

Come over and join us!

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If you are ready to read about the next phase please click here.

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With Big Love,


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