Is Life Balance Even Possible?

July 26, 2018




When we live in a world of have to do it all and all the time, we will never feel in balance. 

Instead we will always feels like never enough, resentful, burned out, etc


As a wife/mom, entrepreneur, and person who values creativity, travel, friendships and community, I get how easily it can feel like a lot of life to live in a limited amount of time. 


Every year, I accomplish more with doing less and it's wild that I am finding myself with so much spaciousness. 


What I have learned, is that we all have our own unique rhythm and relation with the world and our own life.

However, we are not often encouraged to honor our true values and rhythm.


I often see people just settle with what's familiar. 

Honoring your Uniqueness is how you Harness Power. 


Otherwise you are just giving it away and that's what causes life to feel out of balance...there is not enough of YOU in it. 


Whether that be to the government, your family, a guru/prophet or the stars, when you are not in right relationship, it can waste a lot of energy.

When we are not true to ourselves, we will feel torn and out of integrity.

For example, when I was a pharmacist my values were alway about uplifting and serving my students and patients.

But the systems were more focused on grades and drugging people. For 10 years I was being the change by being me but it was not valued nor respected.

The system didn’t serve my divine desire to empower others.

When I learned about the feminine and operating by cycles. I was so excited because it felt more aligned with a woman's rhythm. 


I couldn't be "on" all the time. It was exhausting. 

I learned the new moon is a time to slow down and rest and when you menstruate with the New Moon, you are aligned with the cosmos. 

And guess what?

Mine changed to do that. It moved from the full moon to the new moon.

And guess what?

I felt off.

In this case I gave my power away to a system instead of allowing it to support my natural rhythm.


I still work with the moon but I use it to support me instead of trying to be "right" with a system...even if it's cosmic. 


More and more people are in the process of changing how they navigate the systems of their life. 


They are reflecting,  deconstructing,  tweaking - taking the necessary steps prior to reconstructing a life of integrity. 


 Many have not even began.

If you are one of them,  I don’t blame you.


However, you may be feeling out of alignment with the environments in your life. 

Whether it’s your company, religious organization, your family, your business, your spiritual practice, a marketing plan - I ask you: is it supporting you?


The truth is - no person or system is perfect...Yes.

But often times, we avoid change because we fear disruption and believe there are only 2 options: conform or rebel.

One choice keeps us out of integrity and the other can feel isolating.

Neither feels good, but there is a way to be yourself while still belonging and that’s called being discerning.

The problem is that if you don’t really know how to speak to your unique process and the environment you need to thrive (because you don't think it exists) you end up in overwhelm, resentment, feeling like you are not doing the things you want. 


Did you know that you get to have a say in co-creating your environments?

Do you know how much freedom and structure you actually need?


Do you have unrealistic expectations of self when it's summer and the kids are home?


Are you going through a transformation and need more rest?


Is a creative project or expression burning to be birthed through you but you don't know how to allow it in with everything else going on?


If you don't accept the phase of life you are in now and are not rooted in your unique rhythm, you will not know how to be supported by the “right for you” people and systems. 


Then you may find yourself in situations that make you feel not enough, not what you need right now, keep you stuck or don't even engage for fear of commitment. 


I understand this space.


The in-between space of not being sure of yourself because either you have changed or you never knew who you truly were and can't deny the real you anymore (my situation). 


The crazy thing is that I found myself when most women loose themselves, during motherhood.


I've come into a place of knowing and that clarity has made me stronger and more willing to go for my desires because I have learned to speak to them and ask for what I need. 


I've also built my trust muscle through the art of experimentation. 


I've learned a lot and feel I'm meant to guide others to come to the same place, but with more ease, simplicity and fun.


So I created a self-discovery journey. It's called the Unique Harmony Life Style. 


  • I help you name, honor and communicate your season and unique rhythm.

  • I use my gift as a see-er to help you recognize how you are being supported and give you the tools to let it in.

  • Receiving is often the hardest part for amazing women like you. 

  • I also help you to have vulnerable conversations with bosses, loved ones, so that you feel heard while still honoring and respecting the people in your life ( I know that is important to you)


I guide you to plan and prioritize your life as a co-creation and show you how to use the masculine to support your feminine so there is harmony (integrated aspect of balance)

Why is this important?

Because then you make decisions from the core of who you are it's magnetic and divinely supported.

Opportunities and the right help show up with much less effort and you no longer need to sacrifice your desires for others.

I really do believe Life Balance is possible when it's a co-creation and your unique rhythm is expressed and respected and I would love to help you get to this place. 


If you want more harmony in your life, you have to create the space to set your life up for it and you do that by listening to the whispers of your soul. 


When you give yourself this kind of attention, it's amazing how much more present you become with the other parts of you life that mean so much to you. 


Listening is not always easy. Sometimes you do hear but your not sure how to take action on it in a way that feels good. 


I help my clients both listen and set up their life so they feel safe and excited about taking action on the whispers. 


If this is something that resonates with you,  set up a time to have a clarity call with me here

Big Love, 




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