Embracing the Uncertainty of Change

Three years ago, we decided to put our home up for rent and nobody was biting. I mean this is a gorgeous apartment overlooking NYC and so I didn't get it.

I had left my career, money was not stable and we didn't know where we would move but knew we needed a change. Talk about uncertainty!

After 2 months of not being able to rent our apartment and my husband quitting his job, I started to get super fearful.

I decided to reach into my tool box and decided to listen a Joel Osteen podcast cause I needed more faith. He happened to say "if it's not working out something better is coming."

I still remember walking down the cold snowy Brooklyn street pushing a stroller to pick up my son and I just gave myself permission to believe it.

I started to repeat to myself, "something better is coming". On the morning of Feb 1st my son and husband headed off to Peru while I stayed home to teach an opening the heart workshop and then head to California the next day for a conference.

It was Superbowl Sunday and my realtor called and said I have 2 people interested in seeing your place. I had the workshop so I said they would have to come after 5.

My realtor said, the game will be on and it's better to show them during the day. The fearful people pleaser in me felt so torn. I had to make a choice in that moment...I was so desperate that I even thought to cancel the workshop.