Embracing the Uncertainty of Change

Three years ago, we decided to put our home up for rent and nobody was biting. I mean this is a gorgeous apartment overlooking NYC and so I didn't get it.

I had left my career, money was not stable and we didn't know where we would move but knew we needed a change. Talk about uncertainty!

After 2 months of not being able to rent our apartment and my husband quitting his job, I started to get super fearful.

I decided to reach into my tool box and decided to listen a Joel Osteen podcast cause I needed more faith. He happened to say "if it's not working out something better is coming."

I still remember walking down the cold snowy Brooklyn street pushing a stroller to pick up my son and I just gave myself permission to believe it.

I started to repeat to myself, "something better is coming". On the morning of Feb 1st my son and husband headed off to Peru while I stayed home to teach an opening the heart workshop and then head to California the next day for a conference.

It was Superbowl Sunday and my realtor called and said I have 2 people interested in seeing your place. I had the workshop so I said they would have to come after 5.

My realtor said, the game will be on and it's better to show them during the day. The fearful people pleaser in me felt so torn. I had to make a choice in that moment...I was so desperate that I even thought to cancel the workshop.

BUT I made a different choice - to believe that the Universe wants to support me (even though I didn't really feel that.)

I told my realtor they will have to come after 5 pm.

I still remember the attendees of my workshop helping me to put away my furniture and running to the gym so the potential tenants could come by.

After 20 mins I got a phone call from my realtor "they both loved the apartment and the second tenants really wanted it and were willing to pay rent 3 months up front."

What a relief!!!

We so needed the money and I could have never ever imagined something like that happening but that experience was proof of the seed I had decided to plant. Even though it seemed like it wasn't working out...something better was on it's way.

BTW they are the most amazing tenants ever.

I never would have imagined that disappointing the very person that I needed to help me would actually bring me such an abundant gift.

Doing what you think people want so that you get what you need is actually a form of manipulation.

Choosing to honor you truth puts you in alignment and that's a path of flow for miracles to show up. This is what it means to live in an abundant world. Not needing to give up your desires or be something you are not so that you get love and support.

Change is inevitable and the more we resist, the more painful life becomes. Some allow change and maybe even invite it but, one thing I have noticed, is we all try to control it.

We start to control, grasp and hold on tight.

Why do we do this?

To Feel SAFE.

To really surrender would be to lose control and have to really trust.

Scary stuff.

Control allows us to avoid disappointment.

Either being disappointed or disappointing someone.

If we are in control when things don't turn out, then we have no one to blame but ourselves....right?

One of the most common ways I see people control is by holding back.

They hold back their desires, their expression, their preferences.

But what if we got ok with disappointment?

I mean what if we didn't give disappointment so much power?

What if we chose to believe that we are strong enough to handle disappointment and so are the ones we are afraid of hurting.

What if we believed there is enough love there and that a NO wouldn't take anything away but maybe allow in something better?

It may look different and there may be a loss but when things don't work out, it's because something better was on it's way.

That would be super vulnerable and let me tell you....it's super hot to believe all is well.

It's so clear that the old way of being by trying to create safety through power, control, hiding, playing small is no longer working.

We are being called to RISE and live Sovereignly while at the same time being Divinely Dependent on our Inner Truth and Something Bigger.

If you are ready to embrace the change of doing it all alone and want to allow miracles into your life by aligning with your truth.....learn about different ways I can support you here.

Big Love,

Sweta aka Dr. Sweta

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