Tired of Working Hard? Happiness Here....

So Once Upon a Time,

There was a thirsty crow.

He searched long and hard for some water and finally found a bucket with a puddle but, when he put his head in to drink, the water was too low to reach.

The thought of continuing the search, felt like such hard and tiring work. He wanted to give up. Then he got an idea. He put some pebbles in the water and it rose so he could reach it.

Voila! He got what he wanted without working hard and found quenching happiness now.

Now, what about you?

When you look at your problems, does it feel like your choice is hard work or stay thirsty?

  • Either you quit your job and be broke or you suck it up (sacrifice) until you save enough money to do what you really want.

  • Either you settle for less and be with the "not ideal" guy or you be alone.

  • Either you give up your dream and desires to Find Your Calling or not be there for your family.

You have a "healthy skepticism" and you know that BIG dreams take a lot of hard work/effort and you don't exactly have people or the money to give you the deep support you crave.

Maybe it's just better to not go for the IDEAL because it doesn't feel possible or when you think about the how, it feels exhausting plus you can't handle disappointment again.

You can make sacrifices, push through and do it alone, but you are tired!

You "should" just be happy with what you have or maybe make a more practical change.

Am I right?

Speaking of right, I was chatting with someone the other day and she was sharing these exact sentiments until she had an "a-ha."

She realized that her "go-to question" for herself is always: "what's the right decision instead of what makes me happy?"

Right and wrong are only true if you live in a black and white world so let's get curious, Right for whom?

Now if the question was "what makes me happy?" that's definitely not black and white.

Happiness can mean:

  • I want to be lit up by my work and live well (luxury and deep connection with others)

  • I want a partner that I feel connected to that loves/supports me and my dreams and I want to be provided for financially.

  • I want to go for my dreams AND I want to be there for my family.

I know your "Healthy Skepticism" is probably having a slight seizure right now but, what if it's actually not keeping you real but getting in your way?

Skepticism and "assuming" your future based on the past are just ways of protecting yourself from being hurt again. If you focus on the negative and hard, it attracts more of the same.

Now I am not saying don't be real. What you want will cost you. But it doesn't have to cost you the things that make you happy but it may cost you, your ego.

You may be asked to be more vulnerable, humble, courageous, emotionally strong, trusting etc.

I get it, life has thrown you some hard curve balls and you have had your fair share of "growing up too quickly" and you probably didn't have the most emotionally reliable adults in your life.

You may be so attached to the who or the how, you don't even see the support that is trying to come through: like the reliable and dependable people that are there for you or the invitation to be vulnerable and ask for the money owed to you, or to say NO and prioritize yourself, or to own your value and start a business sharing your gifts.

Happiness depends on so many things that are not black and white.

Your values, your history, your unique life purpose, timing, maturity and most importantly, the way you see the world and the growth your soul is requiring.

Now, even if you are someone that is making leaps and going for your dreams but it's feel like a lot of hard work, please listen.

Perhaps you are so attached to your partner, parents or boss being your support/ally but the truth is they just don't get you. Maybe they are fearful people that hold you back and keep you feeling down and it takes you back to that place of wanting love/support where it wasn't available to you.

In reality perhaps they want to support you but it's just your communication or maybe they aren't colorful visionaries like you are and it will take time for them to come around to believe in your vision.

Chances are, they are black and white people and you my friend are full of color but you are stuck in a black and white world.

If you are finding yourself really thirsty and looking hard for some water but can't seem to find it aka keep hitting No's, perhaps there is not enough color where you are looking.

Maybe just like that crow, you need access to possibility that you don't even know exists.

This is the essence of the work I do, I help Colorful Women and Men stuck in a Black and White World come up with Creative Soulutions for their stuckness.

The first step, is to give yourself Permission to BE Honest about what you REALLY want which is hard to access when you are only seeing black and white.

Color is found in the heart and if you are in the head all the time, it may be hard to hear.

So if a colorful Permission Slip sounds good, I have recorded a live meditation to help you access your heart to hear what would REALLY make you Happy.

I also give you instructions on creating your own personal permission slip of what will make you really happy now (right for you).

Don't worry about getting it right, if nothing comes, just write yourself a slip to be honest and open until you are ready for it come.

It may show up in a week in a dream or you can have an a-ha while talking to a friend in a month.

You can click on the photo (which I took on my walk today) or access here.

If you are looking for a like minded group of colorful people that know what it feels like to come from a black and white world, join the Permission to Be Colorful Facebook Group Here and share your permission slip!



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