Trusting Life's Curve Balls

Many in the US have certainly felt like they may have been thrown a curve ball with the presidential elections.

Wondering if you experienced any personal curve balls thrown at you in 2016? If so, did you swing?

I felt like I had a few of my own.

One of these curve balls has been potent dreams telling me to travel to unexpected places. I've been doing that a lot lately (one of the reasons I haven't reached out in a while.) In November, I was in the South of France at The Caves of Mary Magdalene. It's not a place I would ever choose to go. I don't love France and know very little about Magdalene. The pull was strong (even with just 2 weeks notice) I had to go. Then for the holidays my family and I went to Mexico City, totally unexpected. We got really inexpensive tickets just a week before Christmas! Once again, it felt like a bigger force was bringing us there. Of course taking those trips felt uncertain and made no sense to my logical mind, especially France. Once I arrived to both of these countries, so much of why I needed to be there was revealed to me. Things I could have never imagined. I have a few videos and stories posted on my FB page if you are interested in some great stories please take a look.

While I was there, I received some major healing and exciting guidance for my future. It's still all unfolding. However, had I not said yes to the inner nudges without knowing why, I would have continued to be stuck in confusion.