Trusting Life's Curve Balls

Many in the US have certainly felt like they may have been thrown a curve ball with the presidential elections.

Wondering if you experienced any personal curve balls thrown at you in 2016? If so, did you swing?

I felt like I had a few of my own.

One of these curve balls has been potent dreams telling me to travel to unexpected places. I've been doing that a lot lately (one of the reasons I haven't reached out in a while.) In November, I was in the South of France at The Caves of Mary Magdalene. It's not a place I would ever choose to go. I don't love France and know very little about Magdalene. The pull was strong (even with just 2 weeks notice) I had to go. Then for the holidays my family and I went to Mexico City, totally unexpected. We got really inexpensive tickets just a week before Christmas! Once again, it felt like a bigger force was bringing us there. Of course taking those trips felt uncertain and made no sense to my logical mind, especially France. Once I arrived to both of these countries, so much of why I needed to be there was revealed to me. Things I could have never imagined. I have a few videos and stories posted on my FB page if you are interested in some great stories please take a look.

While I was there, I received some major healing and exciting guidance for my future. It's still all unfolding. However, had I not said yes to the inner nudges without knowing why, I would have continued to be stuck in confusion.

What I have learned over the years is that there is a bigger picture for our life that we can not always see.

Taking action and trusting the unknown is really hard. However, if you cultivate a belief that the universe is always working on your behalf; it allows you to micromanage life a lot less.

Boy the relief that comes from not having to control every little thing. It allows for more peace and need I say adventure!

Even if you are risk averse, every human needs a little adventure to make you feel alive. I know not everyone can hear their inner nudges or feel like they can actually trust to take action on intuition.

If you want to trust the world and yourself more, you need to call in support. If you get all of your encouragement from people who are skeptical and not trusting, it will take a lot of will.

An easier way is to cultivate a belief or habit by being around people or getting mentorship from folks that embody the energy you want and will encourage you to take baby steps.

If you don't know or have these kinds of people in your life already, seek out groups on-line, join meet-up, attend workshops or get a life coach.

We really are not meant to grow alone. If you feel 2017 is your year to live with more confidence and trust, I invite you to an amazing private FB that I am facilitating. You will be with a wonderful circle of women using daily practice and sisterhood to feel support and encouragement to live in authentic expression. If you have been looking to create a more steady meditation practice, we will be starting a 40-day mantra meditation practice in Feb.

This will help you strengthen your inner world. This way you can be more confident to attract to you what you want. If you feel called, come on over by clicking here. We would love to have you. If you would like personal mentorship with me, you can take a look at my offerings here. I wish much love and expression to you in this New Year!


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