Struggling in your relationships?

Perhaps you are a parent and find it hard to depend on your spouse when it comes to doing things for the kids. Feel it's easier for you to do all the work but find yourself in survival mode and really frustrated with your partner.

Maybe you struggle with friendships? Not feeling like you can find people that really get you and that you can trust with your deepest fears and dreams. Afraid you will be judged and that you just don't belong.

Or maybe it's your family. Your parents and siblings just don't get what your deal is and why you act the way you do. Feeling like a black sheep or endless pressure to meet some expectation that you can't.

I have been through every single one of those situations plus more. I never quite felt comfortable in my own skin. I had a lot of great people around me, and on the outside seemed like I got along with everyone. However, I found it really hard to authentically connect.

I never quite felt seen, accepted or supported to be me.

Even with Edwin, my soul-mate. I knew he loved me, but never felt like a good enough wife or mother.

I have spend the last several years "Finding myself and learning to Love myself" and NO I didn't do an Eat, Pray, Love excursion.

My awakening journey took full force right when I had my son, Sahan. I was the breadwinner and have a mortgage so Italy, India and Bali would have been cool but I had to "find myself" closer to home :-)

I am so happy to say I did find her and can honestly say I love my being. My self-worth, expression and confidence really has grown over the last several years.

I mean I would never have called myself a writer/blogger and Life Coach/ Soul Guide 3 years ago. In fact, so much of my unraveling happened through my first blog: Make Your World Bigger many of you were there from the start, Thank You!

I am so grateful for Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentors.

However, being yourself behind a computer is one thing. Being you in relationships? Whole other ball game!

Community, connection and intimacy have been my focus this last year (without even realizing it) and I have come a long way!

The communication between my husband and I has improved so much, our connection is even deeper and we live in a lot more harmony (most of the time.)

I am currently an active member of a spiritual community. In fact, we are stakeholders in a church where I openly share my spiritual beliefs (angels, synchronicity, etc) even though I do not consider myself Christian. I have shared some my deepest vulnerabilities in this community and feel very loved and accepted.

I also consistent connections with soul sisters to share openly and honestly what is going on in my life both personally and professionally. They are scheduled weekly and monthly.

I have never felt more loved and supported in my life. It wasn’t that long ago, I felt really alone.

I am grateful for my spiritual connection but we are humans too and need real connection.

Many people feel disconnected because they are trying to control how much people see of them and or how they should be loved. Releasing this need to control and balancing masculine energy and awakening feminine energy can do wonders for a relationship.

When someone has too much distorted masculine energy they tend to be in charge of the relationship. This is a woman/man who "handles it all" maybe it's the money/bills, the home, the kids. They often feel like "they have to do it all on their own" and can be quite aggressive in nature.

Deep down they are yearning to be taken care of by someone but have rules on how that support should look and feel. They expect the other person to know how to love them. Usually it's the way they didn't receive love as a child.

On the other hand when there is too much distorted feminine energy a person shows up as very passive-aggressive and manipulates love. They say yes to things in the relationship and then hold internal resentment for their sacrifices. They may act like they are "fine" but inside they feel slighted, un-noticed and stifled in their personal expression. When it comes to sitting down and having a deep and real adult conversation, they run, usually out of the relationship.

We all have both masculine and feminine energy and can flip between both distortions.

If you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions it may feel triggering but I want you to know that it's not your fault.

These tendencies are inherited and conditioned on to us by our upbringing, culture and society.

The good news is that you can transform and balance the masculine and feminine energy within and see huge changes.

Not only will it improve your marriage or romantic relationships but, things improve in all areas of life. Including your work, parenting and friendships.

Being in rhythm with my true nature has gifted me with authentic connection and generous self-expression. Something I always struggled around.

Speaking of which, in June we will be heading to NYC/Peru for a month to be with family. My in-laws are coming back with us for the summer. This is the season of a lot more play for us.

Therefore, In honor of balance I have very limited space in my coaching schedule.

I am choosing to only support 3 clients this summer.

I have a 3 month package with special pricing that I specifically created with the intention of supporting you to find authentic connection and balance in your relationships.

Next Tuesday and Thursday I will be getting on the phone with up to 5 people wanting to balance their masculine and feminine energies to see if they are a right fit for one of my 3 coaching slots. I invite you to be one of these 5 people. There is no obligation to sign up and you will likely walk away with a lot of value just from this free call.

If you are interested in one of these free exploration calls, please hit reply and respond to these 3 questions. If you are one of the 5, you will receive a calendar option to schedule our call.

Please click here and send to the following inquiry:

1) Which area of life or relationship are you experiencing the most imbalance?

2) Do you identify with the distorted masculine, feminine or both?

3) If you felt balanced in this relationship or situation, how would it ideally look for you?

4) If we are a right fit, do you feel ready and worthy to invest time and money in yourself and relationships?

Here is some feedback from past clients:

"Dr. Sweta Chawla's patience, passion for helping others, and commitment to supporting me and my goals has literally changed my life. Not only have I learned to trust myself, but I can say proudly that I LOVE myself. Years of destructive behavior slowly lifted from me as I became more of my authentic self. I learned to champion and accept myself through the tools and support Sweta provided me with. Now I am starting my own coaching business, healing my eating disorder, taking responsibility for my life and strengthening my personal relationships."

"I just wanted to say thank you for the other day:) Focusing on the great things my husband brings to our relationship rather than the parts that drive me crazy has made such a difference this week already. The breathing techniques are fab too. This is the craziest part though.. I had a moment last night where I realized the ways my grandma (my angel) has been "speaking" to me. Honestly, I would feel silly saying this to anyone else but it was so powerful and I feel I was open to feeling her thanks to you and that is a huge gift I cant thank you enough for. "

We all deserve healthy relationships, authentic connections and free self-expression. It would be an honor to share my gifts and guidance to help you achieve these gifts.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Big Love,


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