Permission to Want More Meditation and Art Slip

When you are a Colorful Soul stuck in a Black and White world  It's not easy to give yourself permission to be honest about your personal desires. 
You likely:
  • Ignore what you really want and water it down to something more practical
  • Judge your desires as being wrong
  • Numb your desires completely
  • Believe there will be a big cost (safety, relationships, time, money)
  • Deflect them with drama (project your frustration on others or a situation)
  • Settle on something less and convince yourself you are happy
  • Fear you will be stuck having to do something you don't want to do

If you don't get real and clear about what you want - it will show up as frustration, numbness, feeling stuck/stagnant, anger, depression, anxiety, etc. 

So why don't you just give yourself permission to at least be honest?


In this video:


  • I share examples of how fast doors open when you give yourself permission to be honest 

  • I walk you through a guided meditation so you can open the door of your heart to hear what it wants now

  • I share with you how to make your own permission slip and give you examples. 










Make sure to watch/listen to the workshop for yourself and have the experience by participating in the meditation.  You can do it as many times as you want. 


You can watch via video by clicking on the video below or or if you rather an audio, Click HERE .











Share your Permission Slip in my Facebook Group  here  can't wait to see it! 

Much love to  you, 


P.S. If you wanted to download, print and color/paint the Permission to BE Strong slip I shared in the video, click here