Do you need Personalized Retreat? 

What would it be like to have the gift of space, clarity, & transformation to connect deeply within and cutaway all the distractions that keep you confused & hiding without needing to escape?


Retreats are great....they give us all of the above and sometimes, we don't have the time or when you come back from an escape, "reality" snaps you back to old ways. 


However, when you bring the benefits of a retreat into your own space, a deeper integration occurs. A new reality within daily life becomes possible. 


And that is what I would like to create for you....a Personalized retreat in your home or a home away from home. 

I will bring the tools & guidance, all you have to do is bring a willing heart.

Client Experiences:

“Working with Sweta has been transformational. She understands the trappings of being a pleaser, a good girl, and an over achiever. She knows what it’s like to be successful in the traditional, professional sense of the word and yet still feel as though something is missing.


Sweta’s connection to higher intuition and power infuses every bit of her work and creates a deep sense of understanding whenever we meet. Not only is Sweta deep and wise and highly intelligent, but she’s also really fun. We went from serious topics to laughter and everything in between. I love how truly real she is. Sweta’s listening skills are impeccable. I feel completely seen and accepted by her. One of Sweta’s many gifts is the ability to distill down several minutes of my talking (okay, rambling…) into clear, concise themes and reflect them back. She helped me access and see clear patterns in my life that stemmed from childhood and family dynamics. Sweta created a safe space for me to be fully who I am and she has a special way of gently encouraging me to grow into my full potential. I find myself calling upon her wisdom on a daily basis now.


I came to the realization that I wouldn’t be able to tap into my deeper potential without some help. My original goal in working with Sweta was to gain tools to grow personally and professionally—I gained that and SO MUCH MORE. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Sweta.”

  • In this 2 part in-person retreat we spend 3 hours together and then have a 3 hour follow up in person or two 1.5 hour virtual meet-ups. 

  • The goal of these sessions is to get clear on the passion project, professional up-level or pivot being asked of you that is buried under an overwhelm of how to make it work?, self-doubt, and/or fear. 


  • I'll guide you through a process of deep listening and help illuminate all the ways life has lead you to play small.


  • I will give you the tools to feel capable of co-creating the big desires of you heart

  • You no longer have to hustle or hide parts of yourself to create the very thing that is calling you.  


 You will:

  • Do it without having to convince or prove yourself to others. 

  • Feel magically supported instead of burnt out doing it alone.

  • Turn what makes you feel different, weird, misunderstood into a super-power of attraction. 

  •  I'll introduce you to co-creating with feminine archetypes, so that you can experience true abundance instead of hustle. 

  • Create an art piece that will attract to you what is meant for you.

    * This is an intimate safe container

How you will feel:


  • More balanced, connected and calm


  • Self-accepting and present


  • Excited to step into a deeper and freer expression of your TRUE self.


  • More connected to your Inner- Teacher and heart, you will feel an increase in self-worth and have a Bigger Vision for YOUR Life.

What you will walk away with:

  • A copy of my book I Still Haven't Found what I'm Looking for....Now What?

  • Access to my frameworks to keep you inspired & accountable to your dreams in a way that honors your lifestyle, values and way of processing. 

  • Access to my client library with tools, meditations and workshops

You deserve to live life the way you REALLY want. I hope you will join me on this life-enhancing journey!

"Love yourself, you’re worth it. The ripple effect of self-love is generations of your children to come to be whole, fulfilled and complete.” 

I hope you say YES to You!

With Big Love,


I know you are a busy person so my intention is to make this manageable and fun as possible. I will give you tools and access that's simple but powerful! 

~ Janine K. writer/creative entrepreneur

~ Susan S. Director of Marketing/Writer

If this resonates for you and/or you have further questions, please set up a call