When you are a Colorful Soul held back by Black and White thinking, It's not easy to give yourself permission to be honest about your personal desires. 


You likely:


  • Ignore what you really want and water it down to something more practical

  • Judge your desires as being wrong

  • Numb your desires completely

  • Believe there will be a big cost (safety, relationships, time, money)

  • Deflect them with drama (project your frustration on others or a situation)

  • Settle on something less and convince yourself you are happy

  • Fear you will be stuck having to do something you don't want to do

If you don't get real and clear about what you want - it will show up as frustration, numbness, feeling stuck/stagnant, anger, depression, anxiety, etc. 

So why don't you just give yourself Permission to at least be Honest?


In this video:


  • I share examples of how fast doors open when you give yourself permission to be honest 
  • I walk you through a guided meditation so you can open the door of your heart to hear what it wants now
  • I share with you how to make your own permission slip and give you examples. 

If you felt this was helpful and want to go deeper, I will would love to connect with you. 


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Much love to  you,