I believe life is a co-creation and when you listen to your hearts and follow your soul's intuition you are in alignment with what the Universe wants for you and doors open where there were once walls. 

Wherever discomfort or confusion is showing up in your life it's because you are limiting your possibilities. You probably believe that you can't have what you Really want without paying a price. Either it will hurt someone, you will look selfish, or get told you are being irresponsible. 

What I know is the soul always gets what it wants and you get to choose if it happens through choice or force. I don't want you to have to wait 17 years or have a big Wake Up Call before you give yourself permission to go for your desires.

By connecting to the roots of your being before you became all about everyone else, you will find all the answers you seek.  What I am really good at is giving you access to this powerful place.

As your coach, I have an innate ability to name what a person's feeling and what their soul needs to feel nourished. I also know what tools or techniques will resonate with you and actually help you feel supported.  

I specialize in practical magic. I have a whole assortment of tools . From very practical down to earth tools like what to say to your boss to get a raise to how to energetically uplift a family member so that their fear doesn't bog you down. 

It would be an honor to serve and support you.