Peaceful Ma Coaching 

I’m focusing on supporting mamas with self-care for the month of May.

I speak to a lot of mamas that feel guilty about taking time to go to the gym.

I often see mamas go with the all or nothing approach. 

And when they think about exercise it’s like - I need to do cross fit or something hard-core.

But it’s 30 mins away and that’s too much time away so they do nothing.


The thing about motherhood is that it changes everything and I’m about practical self-care.


The realness is that you have another person to think about and can’t be self-indulgent.


In the divine feminine there is a practice called the sacred 3rd.


What’s a way you can move beyond right and wrong or black and white thinking?


For me: That’s looked like a gym with child care even when we lived in NY and my condo had a gym.


I dished out an extra $80 a month because I needed dance and yoga classes.


You don’t need to feel guilty b/c When you invest in yourself, you invest in your family.


I took this video at the ymca (very affordable) this morn to show the little kids watching their mommies take care of them-self in a fun way. 


Personally for me it was extra beautiful as I was embracing and exposing my son to my culture too! #bombayjam 


I also ended up meeting an amazing client for my new life coaching biz at that gym 😉


When they say life is a spiral... not kidding. Below is my post on FB from 3 years ago on this date! Can’t make these synchronicities up!


“I remember when I used to have to do all my "mommy duties" before I felt like I could do something for myself like go to the gym. It would be only after putting my son to bed and often became too late. So this self-care would be put aside because if I asked my hubby, my son would have a fit. I didn't know at the time it was my guilt (I don't deserve to take care of myself) that was getting this response from my son. Tonight I said honey I want to go to the gym (after a tantrum filled evening) and my son said "mommy you can't go" I said why? "You have to wear your yoga pants"


It's always good to see how far you've come.” Be flexible Mama. Let go of all or nothing thinking and guilt.