Group Travel to Peru

Other Group Travel 


Served as translator and pharmacist on a mission trip to Port Au Prince Haiti after the earthquake of 2010
North India
Organized, hosted and served as Hindi translator for group travel to Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, and Rajistan in 2009
Teaching in Haiti
Returned to Haiti after the first mission to teach medical staff policy and procedure to run a health-care clinic in Port-Au-Prince Haiti after the 2010 EarthQuake
Sindh Pakistan
Organized a Mission trip to Shikarpur Sindh, Pakistan after the 2010 Floods
Colombia, SA
Hosted an "Out of Ashram" Sacred Retreat in Medellin, South America
Lead a VIP coaching retreat in Cusco/Sacred Valley Peru for a client in 2013
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Family Travel 

In 2004 Sweta took a trip to Cusco Peru to volunteer and learn spanish. This trip changed her life. She had never felt so alive being immersed in another culture. It awakened her senses and activated the travel bug within. She enjoyed her trip so much that she extended it a week and on the last day met her soul mate, Edwin









Sweta went back several times to visit Edwin and each time they traveled to a neighboring South American country and so began their life together as passionate travelers.


In 2009 they got married in Cusco, Peru. They had both a Catholic wedding and a traditional Indian with all the customs and decorations (que bollywood movie).

They hosted 25 people from overseas. They creatively planned every detail right down to getting a tattoo artist to do Sweta's mendhi (henna).




















It was a beautiful wedding and an opportunity to share with their loved ones where it all began.  They planned a group trip to Machu Picchu for all the guest, including their 80 y/o Indian priest. In addition they planned a group trip to the Desert of Ica and to fly over the Nazca Lines with several of their friends (see group travel.)


Their travel fascination only grew as they explored Europe and Africa on their honeymoon. Like many families they believed that once they started a family the traveling would need to slow down, so they picked up. Collectively they have travelled to 40 countries, 28 together including organizing mission trips and group travel. 











In 2011 they had their first child Sahan and within 4 months he was on his first plane. They realized that when you love something that much, even a child can't stop you. 


Sweta experienced another transformative awakening after traveling to Israel when her son was 9 months old. She believe being on sacred land re-routed her lift to align her with her purpose. 

She came back, quit her job and then the party called life really began. Since then she has been called by many sacred lands to recollect all the missing parts of her soul. 

She found Joy in Israel, Beauty at Crater Lake, Oregon and Forgiveness for Patriarchy at the Caves of Mary Magdalene in Southern France. 


Their son is now 6 y/o and he has been to 15 countries. His frequent question is "where are we going next?"


Travel has a way of enriching life for a family. It opens one to diversity and culture in a way that cannot be studied, only experienced. Especially in young impressionable children. 


We have a love for people and a passion for adventure.  We believe travel is one of the most powerful transformative tools available.

If you need encouragement to go on a wild adventure with your family or alone but feel scared: Sweta is happy to support you with logistics and Encouragement. 

Feel free to reach out for a chat and support.  

Sindh Pakistan

Organized a Mission trip to Shikarpur Sindh, Pakistan after the 2010 Floods