Do you have something you want to name and can't quite find the words.?

Whether it's a a new program, your book or your "elevator pitch" as you step into a new identity, I help find the words that embody the essence of what you are naming.

I've been called "a copy-writer for the soul" and specialize in rambling. No need to be concise or "make sense." You talk, I listen and ask questions.

Together we find the right words, so the right people hear it.

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Why Sign Up for a Naming Session?

By naming we identify strong connections and reinforce desires of the heart. It's not about the "thing" it's about supporting ourselves daily. By following connection, we create experience and that leads to transformation. You can learn more by about the power of Naming Your Brilliance by listening to this podcast interview:


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Things I've Named:

  • Businesses 

  • Products

  • Workshops

  • Season of transition

  • Purpose

  • Leadership Identity

  • Strengths/Zones of Genius

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Business offerings

  • Campaigns 

Naming Samples 

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