Finding harmony between personal and professional fulfillment is one of the most challenging experiences in today's world. 

A desire to grow in your potential when you already have so much on your plate in terms of obligations and commitments in relationships can feel overwhelming, impossible and like you will never have the bandwidth and capacity for both.

However, when that tug on your heart for more meaning, expression and impact keeps calling, we have to get creatively powerful, and that is what I help my clients cultivate.

My focus as a coach is to ignite you to live whole as a co-creator of your life, so that you feel supported and successful in all areas of your life based on your authentic values and desires.

Client Experiences:

"Dr. Sweta helped me realize the connection between my career self and regular self and to see they are the same. I am now better able to control the context in which I apply my trades. I didn’t think I would have made so much progress in a short time. I accomplished my goal of wanting to make more income sharing my gifts with less effort. The visualization exercises were wonderful, practical and useful. I am now more assertive and feel unity in my purpose by being less fearful and more confident in my craft."

~David Meletiche El 

Yoga/Pilates trainer, Musician and Father 

Work Life Integration Mini Coaching Package
  • In this this mini coaching package, you will be met where you are and we will take a bigger picture look at your life.


  • We will identify your values, name how life is leading you and create a vision for feeling fulfilled in your professional & personal life. 


 You will:

  • Be guided through a process for co-creating a season of success that is most aligned.

  • You will be introduced to my ReSourced Path to Success so you feel held as you shift into a new way of being.

  • You will be provided with a weekly check-in form to keep you inspired and accountable

How you will feel:


  • More spacious, connected and calm


  • Self-accepting and present


  • Excited to step into a deeper and freer expression of your TRUE self while still connected to the people and communities important to you.

Package Includes:
  • Three (3) 60 minute coaching sessions, over the phone or zoom (video conferencing) to be used in 3 months. In addition to email or whatsapps support in between session.

  • Cost is $597

I know you are a busy person so my intention is to make this manageable and fun as possible. I will give you tools and access that's simple but powerful! 

You deserve to live life the way you REALLY want. I hope you will join me on this life-enhancing journey!

"Love yourself, you’re worth it. The ripple effect of self-love is generations of children to come to be whole, fulfilled and complete.” 

I hope you say YES to You!

With Big Love,