Sacred Retreat “Fill the Mama Void”

and Feel safe to Shine your Light with Ease


The love of a mother is what makes us feel safe to live with an open heart. Her love is not only warm but it is fierce. If a line is crossed she will protect you with her unshakable strength.


It is she who nurtures our heart. She teaches us about love, connection, self-respect and value. When we lose our mother or had a mother that could not care for us from wholeness: a depressed mother, an absentee mother, an abused mother, a hurting mother, an angry mother, a suppressed mother; our foundation is cracked. Often more than we even know.


We close our hearts. Our being in the world is no longer safe. Life becomes about protection instead of love.


When a heart is closed, one:


  • Looses joy for life

  • Makes life about Control instead of presence

  • Struggles in relationships by limiting love or becomes closed to having a partner or child

  • Fears life instead of embracing it.

Essentially one is cut off from their nourishment. It’s time to reconnect that umbilical cord by reconnecting to Mother’s Love.


In this retreat we will:

Day 1 - It's time to God Deep


  • Lovingly heal your personal mama wound

  • Reconnect you to the true mother – Divine Mama.

  • Open your heart and give permission to Desire

  • Activate the body to be willing to receive abundant love in all forms.

Day 2 - Free day to Integrate

Day 3- It's time to Shine and have Fun 

  • You will be invited to shine your light

  • Share your gifts: singing, teaching, story telling, dancing, yoga, food prep in a safe environment

  • Closing with a lots of love, laughter and celebrating

This retreat will take place on sacred land and be co-created with the the soul of the participant, Dr. Sweta and the Divine Mother.


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