What is Mothering from Wholeness?


 The intention is to nurture the mama; therefore, she can nurture her family from wholeness. 


The best way to explain and how it may serve you is through my story. 


Sweta's Story 


In 2011 I gave birth to my son. I never expected the amount of change being a new mama would have on my life. There was the obvious:


  • Body Changes

    • ​Breast feeding 

    • Birth trauma

  • Schedule out of Rhythm

    • ​Lack of Sleep

  • Chaotic house

    • Messy out of order

    • No time to cook

    • Not enough help


But then there were all the internal changes that were not expected 


  • Work Goals Changed

    • Different priorities 

    • Feeling torn between my career and family desires

    • Overwhelmed at lack of time


  • Relationship changes

    • Feeling lack of support and loneliness

    • Irritated with partner

    • Feeling different around friends and family

    • Not as connected to baby


  • Intense Grief of

    • Old life 

    • Loss of parents during this special time 


In my head, this was supposed to be the best time of my life. It was what I always wanted. I kept wondering why I had so many mixed emotions? I worried if I was doing it right? Will I hurt my baby? Personally, I also felt trapped and like I had no freedom. 


What I didn't know at the time is that these babies come into the world to change you. 


You birth them but they awaken your soul and if there is something in your life that doesn't feel good it's probably not in alignment with your soul. 


For me, it was my career. A year into my son being born I had to do something about my career. I was a professor of pharmacy with a "golden handcuff" job that did not make me happy. I tolerated it for years but the whole mama thing made it an urgent issue. 


So I took a life coaching course called "Design Your Career" and had a massive transformation.


My coach told me I was a "small, hiding victim" and that I needed to be a warrior for my OWN heart and If I did, I could be the bold, compassionate, heroine that I am meant to be. 


It was the biggest wake up call. 


I started to do my inner work and began meditating. As I was embracing my TRUE self I discovered how much of my life I lived for others. 


I began to make myself a priority, I learned how to feel my heart, and most importantly I learned how to be vulnerable and share my feelings and ask for what I REALLY wanted. 


Suddenly, my innate super divine mama power of Unconditional LOVE and magical intuition awakened.

All mamas have it. That's why we can do 10 things at once and our partners become like a deer in headlights when we ask them to change the baby. Somehow, mommy just knows what's wrong and what to do for a child. This is not to put our partners down. They have their own super powers.


For a Newly "awakened" Mama her powers need to be embraced and honed, so it can intentionally be used daily instead of randomly or when in crisis. 

Once, I found and owned my powers, my confidence was supersized and miracles were happening. I transitioned from a full-time professor to a consultant getting paid $125/hr for something I had done for free for 10 years. Eventually, I left my career ignited my passions and started to write and facilitate experiences. I was living a life I could never have imagined. My very first client I took to Peru. My very first book was written in 2 weeks. However, there was a problem, I still had one foot in my old way of being and I was in union with a partner that wasn't fully down with all the changes. 

As mamas we love our family and we want everyone to come along and be happy. Which frankly, it's the way it should be. Once you discover your personal powers, you believe more in the impossible and are willing to do things differently, even take more risk. However, when you share with a loved one and their response may not be what you expect, it may discourage you. Perhaps, they tell you that it's just a coincidence or feel threatened or put you down. If you are not fully embodied, you stop believing, hide it, dim it or dismiss it.

I didn't want to choose between my truth and my family.

I wanted both.

When, I owned this desire a miracle happened, I OWNED my power.

Then, I was able to use my vibe to raise my partners vibe energetically without trying to change him.

The other morning for example my hubby said to me "you are triggering me and I need to put a bubble around myself" What heterosexual Latin Catholic man has that much self-awareness and speaks like that?

I never taught him that but he's heard me use it with my son. This is the power of owning and being.


The other beautiful consequence of courageously taking the inner journey was that I could finally see that I was living with a partner that embodied the sacred masculine (truly loved me and was not trying to confine me.) 


I had been so accustomed to old ways of confinement and control I couldn't fully see and receive pure love from a man like this. 

Most mamas don't realize the level of depth to their powers and that they are not expressed.  When a mama defines and uses her powers, she lives in integrity and leads her whole family to live in Harmony. This is the magic of balancing the inner world and connecting to source. Your power and happiness serves your whole family and ripples out to the world.

The first step is to FIND the real you. Then OWN it. Consider Sweta your Mid-wife to support you in that birthing. 

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