I believe so many of us are wanting a new way of being and creating in our world.

A way of living that is not based on motivation through fear, not enoughness and scarcity.

Structures help us to reach our goals and create experiences in our life. But so many of the structures that we have been taught are based on patriarchal standards of push, force and punish. 

If you want to do it a different way, one that is filled with beauty, love and self-trust; I invite you to implement a structure that I have created for you. 

There is another way...I call it the Holi Bridge which are 4 pillars and the over-arching philosophy of the Resourced Path to Success Pathway that I use for my clients and myself.


Click the photo so you can keep the 4 pillars on your phone anytime you feel yourself going into old ways that keep you small and quiet instead of growing and allowing for a new experience that honors your truth.



I've helped many clients up-level & pivot professionally and personally. I will help you get out of your own way so you can feel good standing out brilliantly and consistently.

Will you allow me to help you illuminate your Holi Bridge?

Together we will co-create environments and experiences that celebrate your uniqueness, values and desired lifestyle from the inside out. Click the link below to sign up for a clarity call with me.

I will support you to illuminate and construct supportive structures for your professional and personal growth in a new creative way.

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"I started working with Sweta after attending one of her workshops to explore bringing more passion to my work. She is practiced in and synergizes a broad array of techniques, practices and approaches (every time I referenced a known practitioner or methodology she was well familiar with them.) In a personalized approach she made things understandable and relevant to me. She helped me identify goals, techniques and practices for obtaining them.  Specifically, she helps identify and discredit our individual limiting beliefs and habits; identify support and resources we already have (or can obtain); provides tangible practices and habits, keeping me accountable and moving forward. During my initial 4 month program with Sweta an opportunity arose and she provided the guidance and support to help me evaluate, recognize and understand whether and how I could make it work.  I’m starting a completely new job into a leadership/ exec level position and I couldn’t be more excited! During this time I was also looking to move from my current living situation, and Sweta supported me finding and moving into the perfect new place. Her support with all I had going on was tremendously powerful. From dis-empowering lifelong practices to exploring, pursuing and obtaining new opportunities, Sweta’s “secret sauce” is  combining energy, intuition, broad expertise and science-backed practices have proven great outcome, for me. So much so I’m continuing working with her on other areas of my life!" 

Jen S. VP of Legal