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Are you in transition or at a cross-roads in your life and career again?

Are you quite self-aware but still feel unclear & fear uncertainty?

Have you been going from job to certification to course to retreat without finding a right fit and get anxious every time someone asks "what are you doing with your life?"


Do you worry about being a burden on others but don't want to settle doing what you have always done?

Do you know in your heart that you are meant for something bigger?


Have you thought about doing your own thing, creating a life on your terms, but don't know where to begin or have trouble taking consistent action?


The truth is that you have to feel safe & supported to unleash a new identity.


There are in-between stages of transformation that are really uncomfortable. 


The desire to find work or jump into a new identity

 is often a desire to avoid the unknown and to feel of 

value, find some grounding. 


I am sure you want to use your gifts and feel like you are

contributing to your family & the world. 


I understand these desires really well.

I believe "career & cash problems" have a bigger purpose. 


They are initiating you into a new identity, a deeper expression of who you are and to redefine 

self-worth & value. 


It's in an invitation to be more in alignment with your soul and bring a fuller expression of the real you forth.


An invitation to no longer be the glue for everyone else or search outside of you for approval, rather to allow in love and support. 

These in-between stages are ripe opportunities for you to get to know yourself, build inner security, explore your passions, heal past wounds &  learn to trust life again.

Will  you answer the call?

If your value & self-worth come from ONLY your career or roles (even if it's unsatisfying), it may 

be hard to feel enough to allow for these essential steps. 

The true opportunity here is to do life differently where you don't need permission to do what feels good and to create a new relationship with your divinity & humanity.


Below is a picture of me from my days as a Professor of Pharmacy. 

I served thousands of patients, students and health-care providers with my innovative ideas and gifts as a healer and teacher.


I had the title, the awards, and the money but all my value came from external outcomes and I always felt like something was missing.

What was missing was me!


I was never fully seen by the University.

I felt constrained and like I wasn't having

the full impact I wanted to make in the world. 

I hired a life coach and she had me think about my

dreams...the overachieving New Yorker in me was

like "who has time to dream?"

Turns out that was my problem. I was so busy achieving, I had no idea what made me feel alive and excited. 

The courage to allow space & support helped me unbury dreams & parts of myself that I didn't even know existed. This wasn't a career/identity crisis, it was a soul initiation.

After burning out twice, I finally gave myself permission to explore various interests without an agenda to prove my worth but rather to accept myself.

I discovered soul wounds that I inherited from my lineage and were stored in my childhood that rippled out to my family, waiting to be healed.


I started to see a thread through out my life experiences, understand my gifts and reconnect to my divine roots and my ancestry that went beyon my family trauma of martyrdom.

I followed the signs & synchronicities and discovered a divine orchestration for my life where who I am and what I want is what life wants for me too. 


I call this the Art of Co-Creation and I invite you to learn how to live in this sacred weave too.


I would love to support you in creating a life where you are both rooted and rising. 

Dr. Sweta Invites you to end 2018

Proud & start 2019 Aligned.

Join Dream Catcher a 12-week

hybrid private and group coaching Program 

I Want to Know More!

Dream Catcher will help you:

  • Offer space for reflection 

  • Expand into the realm of Possibilities

  • Get clear on what aspect of self is wanting to be voiced

  • Make amends with your old job/career/past

  • Feel less alone as you journey with others choosing to live by heart & soul 

  • Root your Truth

  • Consciously communicate your desires & needs

  • Find your Allies and let go of the need of approval from family & friends that make you feel bad

  • Get intimate with your Unique EnergyRhythm, Intuition & Feelings. 

  • Clearly identify your Values

  • Embody more authentic self-worth

  • Begin a new relationship with Money

  • Identify Projects that feel Exciting & Ripe

  • Take supported Inspired Action

  • Cultivate Trust & Respect for Divine Co-Creation and Timing

  • Learn to honor and prioritize Process that feels uniquely good to you

  • Detach from outcomes

  • Feel less anxious and more grounded

  • Opportunities to shine your light in a safe and loving space

  • Have 2-3 experiences that leave you feeling Proud, Fulfilled & Accomplished

  • End 2018 Strong & Start 2019 Aligned

Tentative Schedule and Topics:

  • Setting Intention

  • Security & Money

  • Your Story:  Uncovering your Soul Lessons

  • Naming & Sharing your Gifts

2018 Year End Bonus: Winter Solstice Ritual

  • Tuning into 2019 themes

  • How to allow in Divine Support

  • Vulnerability

2019 Start Bonus: Co- Creation Board for 2019

  • Identify your values

  • Practice talking about your true identity in safe containers

  • Naming your Role (your Piece of the Thread)

  • Coming into your true sovereignty 

* Bonus: 2019 Equniox Ritual 

Live Coaching Call Dates: Nov 16, 30, Dec 7, 14 or 21 Jan 4, 18, Feb 1, 8 

Start date November 16th

* I am a seasoned coach testing out a new program so there is a lot of value with

one-one and group coaching plus workshops* *Limited to 12 spots

Who's Right for this Program?

  • You are at a crossroads but you are not new to self-exploration

  • You want to live a life where you get to be more fully you

  • You believe in something bigger guiding your life even if at times you feel disconnected

  • You want to clearly see your gifts, own them & learn to celebrate who you are not only what you DO

  • You want to create real authentic community to support & guide you while also generously sharing your gifts

  • You are open to eastern forms of mindfulness, meditation, signs & synchronicities

  • You are committed to your heart & soul being the driver & willing to teach your intelligence to support them

  • You are willing to explore deep feelings & emotions as information to be neutralized (not dwell) so you can take aligned action

  • You are willing to have fun through this journey

  • You are ready to take baby action steps towards your desire

  • You are willing to be both vulnerable & bold

  • You are interested in creating solid habits to create change from the inside out & showing up for new experiences

What You Get Over 3 Months: 

3 hours of Private Coaching with Dr. Sweta


I get that everyone learns & absorbs at a different pace. My intention is a solid container for you to grow & express. However, I honor uniqueness so there is wiggle room for customization to  your needs.


Your 3 hours can be one long VIP date, three 1-hour sessions or six 30-minute laser coaching sessions. We can work on mindset, inner-healing or even setting up technology for you to bring your voice out to the world. 


These can happen virtually or in person if you are local.

Intimate Community Virtual Gatherings


  • Group Coaching: These monthly 60-90-minute Zoom video sessions are held on Thursdays.


  • Some sessions are pure Q & A; bring your questions and get advice from Sweta and your peers. Some sessions focus on topic relevant to the How To or Guest Teacher Interview/Class that week. All calls are recorded.


Holistic workshops series to help you get more intimate with your True Identity.


Each month I will interview or have a guest teacher offer processes & tools tell help you claim your identity even more so you can confidently express in the world.


For example: Art of Money with Best Selling Author Bari Tessler, The Enneagram personality system to help identity your motivations, Energy Management tools, & how to allow in Divine Support to live with more Ease.

Plenty of tools and information are available but this container is purposely designed to be spacious and action oriented not overwhelming. 


Accountability buddies: You’ll have the opportunity to be paired up with another journeyer so you can dig deeper and hold each other accountable for your visions and plans. You can meet in-person or virtually.

The Private Facebook group: A virtual space for support, connection, coaching, advice, accountability, referrals, feedback, and promoting your offerings.  


Bonuses: Access to Dr. Sweta’s book and Online Content Library, Winter Solstices Ritual, Seed & Intention Ritual for the New Year


Praise for Dr. Sweta 

Sweta exudes an enthusiasm for life that is contagious. Although her words are reverent, it's the way she lives her life that is most inspiring. It is evident when you are in Sweta's presence that she lives her message. Sweta’s ability to blend multiple realms, from the scientific to the metaphysical, is what makes her coaching sublime. After a short time in Sweta's presence, I reclaimed my personal power, viewed the world with a bit more childlike wonder and got clear on the direction I wanted to take my professional life.

Robin Giacomo, Founder of Grow with Robin: Yoga/Mediation Teacher, Mama Coach NY, USA 

"Six months ago I was lost. I felt stuck in my job, emotionally liable, lonely and isolated from my family. I was attracting toxic relationships and my eating disorder was getting worse. It took a courageous, intelligent, determined mentor to model for me how to live my dream and become aware of my limiting beliefs and patterns. That woman would forever change my life. Her name is Dr. Sweta Chawla. Her patience, passion for helping others, and commitment to supporting me and my goals has literally changed my life. Not only have I learned to trust myself, but I can say proudly that I LOVE myself. Years of destructive behavior slowly lifted from me as I became more of my authentic self. I learned to champion and accept myself through the tools and support Sweta provided me with.   Now I am starting my own coaching business, healing my eating disorder, taking responsibility for my life and strengthening my personal relationships. Until I realized that I was standing in my own way, how could I expect to un-glue myself from this unfortunate string of events? People come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime–and in my case it was a reason for a miracle."

Christina, Pharmacist/Coach/Author NY, USA

"I highly recommend Dr. Sweta’s Coaching Services! I started working with her because I was at a point in my career where I knew I needed help moving forward but wasn’t exactly sure what that looked like. I wanted to work on being more courageous, feel more confident, and get clear about what I really want from life and my career. Sweta created a trusting environment for me to address some deeply rooted emotional injuries that were still holding me back after all these years without me realizing it. I am very grateful for the honest and generous feedback she gave me. Working with Sweta is like working with a best friend that knows you really well and has a desire to see you at your best. When I recently had to make an important career decision, I had the confidence to trust my instincts more than ever before. At first, I was wondering who I should talk to to help me make the decision, then I remembered that I am fully able to decide for myself. That decision led to a new job that is the perfect fit for me right now. And I can walk to work -- which was a high priority for me! In the end, I am clearer about the journey I am on. I may not have all the answers I am seeking, but I know how to sit with it, listen and be open to the possibilities!"

- Jennifer P., MSW

Change Management and Employee Engagement Specialist and Mom of 2 gorgeous children

"You have been a spiritual guide for me for over a year now, between helping me to  reconnect with my father, with my heart, my dancing, my spirituality, and helping me to live up to my life's potential with your inspiration and support” 


Amanda Bartlett, Occupational Therapist:

Yoga/Mediation Teacher, Mama  Boston, USA 

You have to take the time to get to know who you really are NOW.


Supported Aligned Action will help you Root Your Truth.


When you become intentional about your desires and put yourself out there with a curious mind, you get to know who & what is the right fit for YOU. 


You become anchored in your truth and no longer depend on external outcome to define you and that's true self-worth.

That’s doesn’t happen overnight.


Nor does it happen by doing it once and then going back into hiding because you were rejected, nobody responded or a "loved one" disapproved. 


(Not that I would know anything about that.)


The clearer you can talk about:

  • who you are

  • what you do

  • what makes you unique

The more confident you will be and the more fun & pleasure you will have being you!  Plus congruent opportunities will show up.

It's vital to receive the support from those that have been on the journey & to be surrounded by others that can relate & see you.

Doing it alone will only hold you back and delay your destiny.


I've designed a program to give you both personal attention and an intimate group of a like minded soul-tribe that makes the journey into wholeness deeper and fun! 

If you are interested but have any concerns or questions, I am happy to get on the phone with you. Click the button to set up a time to chat.




Wherever you are on your journey, I hope it's filled with Joy.

I offer you Grace & Love, 

Sweta aka Dr. Sweta