Navigating a Life Transition?

Have you recently taken a leap of faith or want to make a change in your life? Are you finding yourself not sure how you are meant to show up in the world?


Do you feel yourself going through an internal change and the life you once had, no longer feels right?


In other words, are you in the space between stories?


Is this leaving you frustrated that you don’t have a way to explain the complex state of your BEING in a world that lives by 140 character bytes?


Are you feeling disconnected from those you love and starving for community while you are in the midst of this unfolding?


This season of life can be really painful. Not only because it makes it uncomfortable to be out in the world and feel like you belong and have real connection. It also makes it difficult to produce and most importantly, it’s leaking your precious energy.


You can spend months even years trying to figure out who you are and what’s the great work you are meant to do in the world. As a result, you are missing out on the goodness of your own life.  The truth is that transition can be hard. Your identity is not just one role or thing. However, when you look at your life in seasons, it can take the pressure off choosing one identity.  When you can name your season, you go from living in a state of anxiety and pretending to a state of awareness and being.


There is nothing more empowering than BEING.  Naming your transition creates acceptance, space and freedom. It helps you to own the evolution of your Being. It helps you to show up with more integrity and brings your community and allies to you.


I believe your soul is always trying to lead you to your divine desires and destiny. The map to your destiny can be found in the signs and synchronicities of your life. Yet, you may ignore or don’t trust them. When you try to control, force or push your way into “safety” by staying comfortable or rushing to an identity that is not here yet; you may find yourself crashing and burning. The good news is just like the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes, you will Rise again. The question is, do you want to let it get that bad?


If you don’t, and what I shared resonates with you, I invite you to come play with me.


I have been named a Copy Writer for the Soul. By working one on one with me, we will co-create an experience with spirit to enter your heart, We will identify your divine desires as well as what’s wanting to emerge from you in this season of life. In one hour you will have a name for your season and tangible action steps to take straight from your own soul to own the BEINGNESS of who you are right now.

If you want to embody and actualize that which you desire we will work together over a period of 4 months (the number for stability) so that you are being the REAL you and don’t revert back to old ways.


Here is some feedback I have recently received from those I have worked with:


“I feel reincarnated”


“I feel like an olive branch just got anchored into my being through my core.”


“I feel that things are flowing towards me that I had imagined”

“Sweta, you helped me to find my heart's truest form of expression, dance, with your loving guidance”


 You have been a spiritual guide for me for over a year now, between helping me to reconnect with my father, with my heart, my dancing, my spirituality, and helping me to live up to my life's potential with your inspiration and support”


Being immersed in the world of Personal Development and Transformation for the last 4 years; I can tell you that people are more afraid of owning their power than playing small even when they say that want more or change.


Here are some frequent fears I come across and want to take time to address them in case you find yourself dealing with these fears.


Frequent Fears


1) If you own who you truly are, you will scare people away and loose the love of your parents, partners, friends and family.


My answer to that is that some relationships may need to be re-defined and some may need some space. But with the proper posture of loving communication and words to express your truth, most people that love you will not only not abandon you but, come in closer.


I will show you how to energetically uplift your relationships and give you the language to be in your truth while taking care of your loved ones. As a result you are free to live authentically and you will still have connection with those you care about.


2) Another fear is that you will lose the “success” that you have managed to create. The clients, money, jobs, contracts that are supporting you will be at risk.


My answer to that is if your source of income comes from a place that is out of integrity with who you are meant to be, you will pay in other ways. Your happiness, your health, and/or relationships will suffer.


You will only lose the wrong people and that is a good thing. You are not meant for everyone, you are meant for people who deserve your magic.


3) This stuff is just way too woo-woo, wishful thinking and scary. How can you live in the real world following signs and synchronicity?


You won’t know until you experience it. If you constantly feel like your are swimming uphill then what do you have to loose from allowing in a little divine support? The answer usually is control. That’s what most people are really afraid of. If you are always in charge you don’t need to really surrender or depend on “God” therefore protecting yourself from any disappointment that’s not self-created.  


It wasn’t too long ago that I was terrified of the mystical world myself. I understand this fear. I had a guide that made me feel really safe and still in my body. I didn’t feel like I was giving up control but more like I was being held. It’s my intention to create that same feeling of safeness when I am entrusted as your guide. 


4) You will be broke, die or end up homeless and living on the street if you invest in owning your Greatness. 


The Universe is always championing you to thrive and be abundant. It’s our inherited stories and past life remembrance that makes these irrational fears feel so real. Staying small is a form of protection that your inner child uses to keep your safe. By making a choice to invest in yourself, you are actually choosing to set your inner-child free and re-write that story. Not only for yourself but also for your children, your family and the lives all the people you interact with in the world.


I will share with you every thing I have to help you heal the past, live in the present and co-create a new reality that you REALLY want and is in alignment with who you are meant to Be.