Hi I'm Dr Sweta......A different kind of Doctor.

Even though I have my Doctorate in Pharmacy, I don't dispense Prescriptions.


Instead, I help women like you tap into your soul, give voice to your heart desires and receive fully without feeling guilty. 

You are an ambitious strong woman that takes pride in being responsible and "other" focused. I know you feel a call to contribute to the betterment of your family, your work, your community and the world.

Life is good, but something is missing.

The constant mind chatter without taking action has left you feeling empty, drained and/or frustrated.


Yet you fear change because you are afraid of making a "wrong" decision or you are attached to an identity that no longer serves you.

You don't know how to put your passion and/or needs first without hurting others, being seen as irresponsible or burning out.

My intention is to help you get:



When it comes to making decisions about your career, living situation and relationships; you probably feel like you have to choose between being practical or following your heart.

We live in a black and white world with lots of "shoulds" and rights and wrongs, but I believe that when you listen to your Inner Truth, Balance your Masculine and Feminine energy - and learn to express your truth with love, a whole world of possibility and support comes alive. 

I want you to know that you have options.


You get to have what you want and feel good about it without exhausting yourself or feeling like you are disappointing people.


In fact, you will have healthier relationships and a nourished soul when you give yourself Permission to BE Fully You, prioritize your needs and learn to honor your unique way of doing things.

Clarity on what you REALLY want ~ show you how to Receive ~and harmonize your Relationships 

Possibility is Powerful 

"Sweta guided us to reach out to our true selves and be authentic in our daily lives. 

During the process, I could see transformation with each session, which made the journey real. I learned to ask to have my needs met, to discover what it is that I was truly seeking at the core of my experience"

The benefit of permission to DO YOU is that you will no longer feel out of integrity with your life. It will support you to live from a place of wholeness which leads to more confidence, energy, joy  and harmony in your heart and home. 

Listen to your Heart

Free your Inner Desires

Give Voice to parts of you aching to be Expressed

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