Don't be afraid to ask for what you really want. You don't have to be miserable to want more
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When I had my first conversation with Dr. Sweta, I felt as if I was being heard. My mouth was speaking directly from the heart when she called – and I do not do this with many people.  Prior to the phone call, I had excruciating back pain and a terrible migraine.   When we spoke, I felt the pain ebbing away and saw a glimmer of hope that there might be some relief to my issues – physical and spiritual.

I have never been helped this way before. In the past I had always been disappointed but, working with Dr. Sweta, she helped me to observe myself objectively and then with compassion.  In such a short period of time, I started to value myself in a way I never did.  I found myself making choices that came easily and I also found myself naturally taking better care of myself.  I have seen the results in such a short period of time because I am beginning to fall in love with myself – and that is something I hadn’t done in a quite a whil

Ellen Kim creator of Mortar, Pestle, and Pen/ Pharmacist/Yoga Instructor NY, USA

I started coaching with her in December 2014. At first I was a bit skeptical to do it, but Dr Sweta suggested to listen my heart, and to feel what my inner self wanted. I was not sure because my savings was almost over and I thought that I should use that money for something more “practical”. But finally I decided to follow my heart and I started the coaching process with Dr Sweta. It was a great process. With her I learned a lot of things. But one of the things that helped me the most was to reaffirm the importance of expressing my emotions, expressing who I am, remember that as a human being I have a lot of value and every day I have to remember to love and accept myself just the way I am. Even though I have been practicing Yoga for more than 5 years as a tool for my self-knowledge, during the time that I was working with Dr Sweta I really went much more in depth to explore much more of myself, that I had to bring out in order to heal myself. Dr Sweta guides you through the process in a very personal and loving way. She has the experience because she has made many great leaps in her life. I thank Dr Sweta for such a great coaching process, I thank my spiritual committee to connect me with Dr Sweta and to help me reinforce my faith and I thank the Universe for joining me in this transformation process. I strongly recommend Dr Sweta as a coaching .  

Johanna Camargo, Yoga Teacher Colombia, South América

Since first encountering Dr. Sweta at her 'Making Your World Bigger' Meet Ups I was drawn. Few people will ever tell you there's an easier way; those that do, may not even be honest about the work it's going to take. I always thought I was living BIG. Contrarily, Sweta showed me glimpses of how I was standing in my own way. Still, I didn't start my one-on-one sessions with Sweta right away; I made excuses about money and procrastinated like so many of us do when we're scared yet seemingly comfortable where we are at the moment. Fast forward four months later and Sweta's words from the Meet Ups were still resonating. I needed more help in my walk; I needed Sweta's help in my walk. At the start of the year I finally began my one-on-ones with Sweta. My goodness! The first session was awesome. One word sums it up best--- clarity; and to think, we've only just begun. I look forward to continue working with Dr. Sweta and allowing her to help me get out of my own way so that once and far all I can live as BIG as God has purposed me to live.

Angela Burrowes Office Manger and Producer, NY, USA

"In the four months I have known Sweta, I ended up in Peru! Six months ago, you could not pay nor convince me that I would find myself halfway across the world with a woman I literally just met!  Traveling to Peru with Sweta really helped me put my life—what I want, where I want to go, who I am currently and who want to be in this world—into perspective. Trusting myself, my intuition, my instincts, my manifestation powers and other people are the immediate benefits of this trip and my relationship with Sweta. Also, I’ve lost a total of 4” all around my body since we have been working together! As I rid my body of the toxic emotions that have kept me weighed down for far too long, the pounds are literally melting away. It’s all connected!  With Sweta, I have learned not only about the abundance of the Universe but, most importantly, that I am worthy of indulging in the desires of my heart—fear and guilt free. I can have what I want and it can all be effortless.  I am in absolute awe at the magnitude of the greatness that existed within me all along. It all started with firstly shifting how I perceived myself and the world.  Living life on my terms is no longer “life for other people.” Much love to Sweta, may God bless you, forever."

Alagia Felix Production Manager and Creative Director

After a chance conversation and a decision to meet, Sweta helped me reaffirm my life. After facing loss from of several family members and life threatening situations in my own personal life. I had recognized I had suppressed dealing with these situations and lost my voice but didn’t know how to regain. Sweta, I’m thankful that you are so passionate about making a difference and wouldn’t let by forcing me to be accountable for living small and helping me navigate my steps to LIVE BIG. I can’t thank you enough you have definitely been a blessing to me.

Sue, Accountant/Entrepreneur NY, USA

Sweta is a true example of how you can live the life you want and have the life worth living. She once told me that you can have anything in your wildest dreams, you just have to ask for it. She has the right tools, the love and patience to show you how you can achieve any goal you desire. She's taught me to have pride in myself and has helped me gain all the confidence in the world to be the best person I know I can be. I'm able to see my emotions much more clearly and take control of them. She has so much knowledge to offer and I'm excited to learn from her more and more.

Purvi, Wife and Mother of 2 NJ, USA