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Let's See if We're a Good Fit for One-on-One Coaching

Are you ready to DO You? You've have a desire that wants to be expressed but you are stuck in confusion and constantly feel the pull and responsibilities of taking care of others or working harder than feels good to your body and soul?


Or, maybe maybe you know what you want but are afraid of what others would think and say or don't think it's possible, so it holds you back.  Either way, you need some personalized, hands-on guidance and support to take your life where you want it to go, without sacrificing what is important to you, and you're interested in exploring what it would be like to work with me.

During our (free) time together, we will:

  • Explore what’s really going on in your life and identify the biggest challenges getting in the way of your desire and where you need help

  • Make available possibilities so that you can feel good about following your needs and desires.

  • ​Define a clear and personalized pathway forward that can you help you achieve your goals

If it feels like a good fit for both of us, I’ll be happy to share how I can support you on this journey. No hype and no pressure. Of course, you do have to be serious about taking action, moving forward, and willing to invest in yourself.

Thank you!


“My clarity call with Sweta was like turning the defroster on the car. Everything’s foggy and then the picture gets crisper—first from the edges and then before you know it, you can see where you’re headed.”  ~Janine K


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