Are you in transition or at a cross-roads in your life or career and looking for clarity?


Do you crave more meaning, purpose, a desire to use your gifts?

Do you have a good job but feel creatively stifled?

Do you know in your heart that you are meant for something bigger?


Do you think about maybe working on a creative project or creating a bridge gig but don't want to put too much pressure on yourself and family?


Have you thought about doing your own thing, creating a life on your terms, but don't know where to begin or have trouble taking consistent action?

Integrative Coaching Can Help and Here's How

Why Work with Me?

When I was going through my own up-levels and pivots, I went to dozens of workshops, conferences and worked with many coaches.

It was all helpful but something was always missing.

The changes I made professionally effected many parts of my life. Areas that meant a lot to me, my relationships and personal growth.

I craved a one stop shop because I wasn’t just my work.


I don’t believe in compartmentalizing your being or your life, I believe all parts of you need a seat at the table for true success.

Fortunately for you, I’m a Gemini. 

My genius zone is lots of moving parts.

I speak many languages: goal setting, emotional intelligence, mindset, somatics/biology, mysticism/intuition, quantum science, energy medicine, creativity, feminine power, strategy, Spanish and Hindi :-)

I’ll meet you where you are and guide you beyond what you think is possible for you.

I also know if you are a highly driven person, uncertainty is not your friend.

However, if you want to grow and change, it’s part of the game.

And because I don’t want you to keep holding yourself back, I got structures!

I have frameworks and even a book, that will help you feel safe and held as you stretch.

But, the very first step is clarity!

And if you are anything like me, clarity is where you get stopped. Either you don't know what you want or you do, but the how stops you because it feels too big or like you have to sacrifice too much.


I get it and my other genius zone is helping folks to get to the heart of the matter and offer you a roadmap of possibility that honors your desires and responsibilities. You do need courage but, you don't need to sacrifice.


So don't hold yourself back anymore, stuck focusing on barriers. Allow yourself to receive help in getting clear by signing up for a clarity call with me (click the button), take a chance on yourself

If you are wondering what it's like to work with me, watch this video........

........... and read these testimonials

“Working with Sweta has been transformational. She understands the trappings of being a pleaser, a good girl, and an over achiever. She knows what it’s like to be successful in the traditional, professional sense of the word and yet still feel as though something is missing.


Sweta’s connection to higher intuition and power infuses every bit of her work and creates a deep sense of understanding whenever we meet. Not only is Sweta deep and wise and highly intelligent, but she’s also really fun. We went from serious topics to laughter and everything in between. I love how truly real she is. Sweta’s listening skills are impeccable. I feel completely seen and accepted by her. One of Sweta’s many gifts is the ability to distill down several minutes of my talking into clear, concise themes and reflect them back. She helped me access and see clear patterns in my life that stemmed from childhood and family dynamics. I’ve been able to go through big expansions at work and changes in my home and have cultivated the capacity to not take over-responsibility. This has given me time and energy to focus on my creative desires.



Sweta created a safe space for me to be fully who I am and she has a special way of gently encouraging me to grow into my full potential. I find myself calling upon her wisdom on a daily basis now. I came to the realization that I wouldn’t be able to tap into my deeper potential without some help. My original goal in working with Sweta was to gain tools to grow personally and professionally—I gained that and SO MUCH MORE. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Sweta.”

~ Susan S. Director of Marketing/Writer CA, USA 

"I started working with Sweta after attending one of her workshops to explore bringing more passion to my work. She is practiced in and synergizes a broad array of techniques, practices and approaches (every time I referenced a known practitioner or methodology she was well familiar with them.) In a personalized approach she made things understandable and relevant to me. She helped me identify goals, techniques and practices for obtaining them.  Specifically, she helps identify and discredit our individual limiting beliefs and habits; identify support and resources we already have (or can obtain); provides tangible practices and habits, keeping me accountable and moving forward. During my initial 4 month program with Sweta an opportunity arose and she provided the guidance and support to help me evaluate, recognize and understand whether and how I could make it work.  I’m starting a completely new job into a leadership/ exec level position and I couldn’t be more excited! During this time I was also looking to move from my current living situation, and Sweta supported me finding and moving into the perfect new place. Her support with all I had going on was tremendously powerful. From dis-empowering lifelong practices to exploring, pursuing and obtaining new opportunities, Sweta’s “secret sauce” is  combining energy, intuition, broad expertise and science-backed practices have proven great outcome, for me. So much so I’m continuing working with her on other areas of my life!"  


~ Jen S. VP of Legal

"Sweta exudes an enthusiasm for life that is contagious. Although her words are reverent, it's the way she lives her life that is most inspiring. It is evident when you are in Sweta's presence that she lives her message. Sweta’s ability to blend multiple realms, from the scientific to the metaphysical, is what makes her coaching sublime. After a short time in Sweta's presence, I reclaimed my personal power, viewed the world with a bit more childlike wonder and got clear on the direction I wanted to take my professional life."

Robin Giacomo, Founder of Grow with Robin: Yoga/Mediation Teacher, Mama Coach NY, USA 

"I highly recommend Dr. Sweta’s Coaching Services! I started working with her because I was at a point in my career where I knew I needed help moving forward but wasn’t exactly sure what that looked like. I wanted to work on being more courageous, feel more confident, and get clear about what I really want from life and my career. Sweta created a trusting environment for me to address areas that were still holding me back after all these years without me realizing it. I am very grateful for the honest and generous feedback she gave me. Working with Sweta is like working with a best friend that knows you really well and has a desire to see you at your best. When I recently had to make an important career decision, I had the confidence to trust my instincts more than ever before. At first, I was wondering who I should talk to to help me make the decision, then I remembered that I am fully able to decide for myself. That decision led to a new job that is the perfect fit for me right now. And I can walk to work -- which was a high priority for me! In the end, I am clearer about the journey I am on."

Jennifer P., MSW

Change Management and Employee Engagement Specialist and Mom of 2 gorgeous children

"When I met with Sweta for my VIP program, I knew what I wanted to do in my creative and spiritual life, but I felt like I was looking through an old eye prescription. I could see the words but I couldn't read them. Sweta listened. She clarified and guided. She asked questions that made me explore my own intentions. She provided anecdotes and advice that made me feel connected to a greater purpose. At the end of our sessions, I felt renewed and energized as if I had been on a personal retreat at a fancy spa instead of sitting in my own living room. The results have continued even months after my retreat. I have had the courage to pitch writing opportunities without hesitation, I can identify what is a hell yes as a cure to shiny object syndrome and I continue to receive financial wins for sharing my gifts in it's highest form. "

~ Janine K. writer/creative entrepreneur

"Dr. Sweta helped me realize the connection between my career self and regular self and to see they are the same. I am now better able to control the context in which I apply my trades. I didn’t think I would have made so much progress in a short time. The visualization exercises were wonderful, practical and useful. I am now more assertive and feel unity in my purpose by being less fearful and more confident in my craft."

David Meletiche El 

Yoga/Pilates trainer, Musician and Father 

"I feel truly grateful and blessed for all the work I have done with Sweta, as I feel the more I have worked with her, the more I have trusted her to have my highest good in her intention.  She has helped me through some very unsettling times in my life, from getting through a large transition in jobs, to navigating making new community for myself, finding my tribe, nurturing my family, making choices about church, and connecting with my husband.  She has seen me through some of my darkest moments, and working with her has always felt supportive.  I am a sensitive person, and can detect inauthenticity in people pretty easily.  Sweta is through and through kind, respectful, compassionate, and supportive of myself and my family.  I have learned so much about how to be true to myself from her.  I have tapped into inner strength through meditation practices, creative expression practices, and journaling practices with her guidance.  I have learned how to communicate with my father's spirit, and I have found a wellspring of self-compassion through my work with her.  I highly recommend her to anyone in the midst of transition.  She is able to hold space beautifully and compassionate. I really benefited from the forms she created, it gave me the power of focus, and I am stronger for my work with her.  I have more faith in myself and in the universe that I can do really hard and vulnerable things and get through really challenging times with the right supports in place."

Amanda Bartlett

Holistic Occupational Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Mom 

"Even though I have been practicing Yoga for more than 5 years as a tool for my self-knowledge, during the time that I was working with Dr Sweta I really went much more in depth to explore much more of myself, that I had to bring out in order to heal myself. Dr Sweta guides you through the process in a very personal and loving way. She has the experience because she has made many great leaps in her life. I thank Dr Sweta for such a great coaching process. I strongly recommend Dr Sweta as a coach."

Johanna Camargo

Marketing Professor/Yoga Teacher Colombia, South América 

"When I had my first conversation with Dr. Sweta, I felt as if I was being heard. My mouth was speaking directly from the – and I do not do this with many people.  Prior to our first call, I had excruciating back pain and a terrible migraine.   When we spoke, I felt the pain ebbing away and saw a glimmer of hope that there might be some relief to my issues – physical and spiritual.

In the past I had always been disappointed but, working with Dr. Sweta, she helped me to observe myself objectively and then with compassion.  In such a short period of time, I started to value myself in a way I never did.  I found myself making choices that came easily and I also found myself naturally taking better care of myself.  I have seen the results in such a short period of time because I am beginning to fall in love with myself – and that is something I hadn’t done in a quite a while."

Ellen Kim

Creator of Mortar, Pestle, and Pen/ Pharmacist/Yoga Instructor NY, USA 

"Dr. Sweta really has a gift when it comes to connecting with people. After just our second meeting, she was able to put into words what I was struggling to explain. Feeling understood and heard was the first step I needed.  Dr. Sweta was able to recognize areas that I needed to nurture in myself faster than any therapist I saw. I feel sincerely grateful I found her."

Jessica Valladares,

Mom of 2

"Six months ago I was lost. I felt stuck in my job, emotionally liable, lonely and isolated from my family. I was attracting toxic relationships and my eating disorder was getting worse. It took a courageous, intelligent, determined mentor to model for me how to live my dream and become aware of my limiting beliefs and patterns. That woman would forever change my life. Her name is Dr. Sweta Chawla. Her patience, passion for helping others, and commitment to supporting me and my goals has literally changed my life. Not only have I learned to trust myself, but I can say proudly that I LOVE myself. Years of destructive behavior slowly lifted from me as I became more of my authentic self. I learned to champion and accept myself through the tools and support Sweta provided me with.   Now I am starting my own coaching business, healing my eating disorder, taking responsibility for my life and strengthening my personal relationships. Until I realized that I was standing in my own way, how could I expect to un-glue myself from this unfortunate string of events? People come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime–and in my case it was a reason for a miracle."

Christina, Pharmacist/Coach/Author NY, USA

Sweta Chawla PharmD, MS is a Speaker, Author and Life & Leadership Coach for highly-driven professionals and groups who want to step further into their potential without compromising their integrity. She is known as a “copy writer for the soul” and has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter. She held a very accomplished decade long career as a professor of pharmacy, when the premature birth of her son and an unexpected disappointment in her golden handcuff job, led her to make several life and career pivots. Since 2013 she has guided professionals and budding creatives & entrepreneurs to recognize what holds them back from playing full-out in work & life. She supports her clients to liberate themselves and helps illuminate how to bridge from stressful to ReSourced success by igniting and embracing their inner natural leader. Dr. Sweta is author of the book I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…Now What? and contributor to the award-winning Anthology She’s Got This: Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On. She has published articles and essays in several journals, magazines and has spoken on many stages and panels, including the White House.