Clarity: How to come out of Confusion and Make the Right Decision

 Whether you are confused about:


  • leaving your job

  • moving to a new state

  • wanting to follow your passions

  • starting a business

  • taking time off for yourself to heal or find yourself

  • knowing how to have your needs met in a relationship

This Free On-line Workshop will give you the clarity you want and an opportunity to have your needs met. 

Confusion is usually a way to protect yourself. From what you ask? 


Making a decision often means that something has to change and that can be scary. 

Whether you are risk averse or someone that has taken a few leaps in your life - we can all get stuck. Looped in the same conversation over an over hoping that one day you may find the epiphany you are looking for. Or perhaps you are waiting for the "perfect" circumstance to give you permission to move forward. These 2 paths can hold you back for years and I don't want that for you. 

As someone who has overstayed in a job for 10 years to being a person that has made massive change in the last 4 years and supported others to do the same; I know that the number 1 most important thing you need are tools and support.


I am happy to offer you both.  


On this call, I guided several brave souls through a process and you can do the same.


You will be able to freely NAME your Heart's Desire. You will also be to name exactly what

is holding you back from moving forward in getting it.

Most importantly, you will discover what you need to make it feel safe to take one baby step forward and feel like you have made progress. That's it. Just one. (hint - it's probably not what you think it is.)

Here are some of the messages I received right after the workshop:


"That was awesome! I started out really stressed but then you got us into our heart space and now I feel such and openness in my heart."


"Thank you Sweta for your call today. Today was a special day for me...divine timing. I received notice from the head of my department at work that due to budget cuts, my job has been eliminated for next year. I know most would think it's awful, but I'm actually relieved. :) I wanted to quit so badly, but now I don't have to. This will give me the time I need to focus on myself and my family." 

I will be sending out a replay so you can look out for the answer on the recording. 

Just click here to receive the link for the replay will be sent to you. 

Much love to  you,