Ready for a Breakthrough? 


Do you have a situation in your life, whether it's a relationship, job situation or personal issue that you keep thinking about over and over, but can't resolve?

It takes clarity and courage to breakthrough stuckness and that's what this 1- time Catalyst session offers. 


I will bring the tools & guidance, all you have to do is bring a willing open- heart. 

Catalyst Session
  • This is not a discovery or clarity call to learn more about my work.

  • We will go deep and you will have an internal shift and an opening for new possibility in your life. 

  • If you have worked with me or attended one of my workshops but haven't been ready for a full coaching package sign up for this.

  • If you are quite self-aware and have already done a lot of internal work with other healers/coaches/therapist,  but are in a rut or at a new threshold, this is perfect for you.

  • If you are new to personal growth work and feel curious about coaching or working with me, this is a great opportunity. 

  • You can also purchase a session as a gift for a friend, family member or sponsor a session for a person in need. 

  • This is a 1 time session for an exchange of $250

Client Experiences:

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 12.51.31

It was a beautiful gift from the universe, to connect me to Sweta. She is kind, generous,

and very much present in the journey as she guided us to reach out to our true selves and be authentic in our daily lives. During the process, I could see transformation with each session, which made the journey real. I learned to ask to have my needs met, to discover what it is that I was truly seeking at the core of my experience. I would highly recommend working with this wonderful woman. She is truly gifted at what she does ! 

Aarti K

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You deserve to live life the way you REALLY want. I hope you will join me on this life-enhancing journey!