"It’s all connected!  With Sweta, I have learned not only about the abundance of the Universe but, most importantly, that I am worthy of indulging in the desires of my heart—fear and guilt free. I can have what I want and it can all be effortless.

 I am in absolute awe at the magnitude of the greatness that existed within me all along. Much love to Sweta, may God bless you, forever."​ -Alagia Felix Production Manager and Creative Director

About Dr. Sweta

Sweta Chawla PharmD, MS is a Speaker, Author and Success Coach for ambitious folks who want more meaning and impact in their work. She is known as a “copy writer for the soul” and has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter. She held a very accomplished decade long career as a professor of pharmacy. The pre-mature birth of her son and an unexpected disappointment in her golden handcuff job, lead her to make several life and career pivots. Since 2013 she has guided professionals and budding entrepreneurs to recognize what holds them back from sharing their unique gifts. She supports her clients to liberate themselves and helps them illuminate how to bridge from stressful to sacred success. Dr. Sweta is author of the book I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…Now What? and contributor to the Anthology She’s Got This: Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On. She has published articles and essays in several journals, magazines and has spoken on many stages and panels, including the White House. In her signature talk The Provocative Path to Playing Full- Out, Dr. Sweta reveals how to awaken more purpose and passion in your life and career without hustling and holding it all together.