Being in your Truth around Family

Growing up Indian, family and being close is paramount to my culture. I have the fondest memories of family gatherings. However, once I started to question my life and look within my soul and experience major transition, I had a lot of anxiety meeting my family. I call these in- between stages, soul-initiations, they show up as transformation from one role to another. For example, going from being an individual to a parent, a professional to an entrepreneur, married to divorce, living to fit in to living with integrity. It can feel so challenging and un-grounding. Especially when you find yourself around small talk where people are trying to make sense of the new you…….. “so,what do you do?”

How to Live Magically in the "Real" World

"Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart is in it, and live the phrase the sky's the limit." — Notorious B.I.G For years, while living in Brooklyn, I would trek across snowy NY streets in biting cold wind to get to the gym. Taking aerobics and yoga classes kept me motivated, I loved working out with other people. Eventually, we moved to a new neighborhood where I lived across the street from my place of work, a University. Now, I had free NYC parking, super cheap gym and olympic pool access. I really had some amazing Golden Handcuffs, but it did come with a price (my soul integrity.) After a decade long job at this University, I quit. I gave up a steady pay check and worried a l

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