Career Changes & Identity Shifts: {3 part series} Part 3 Saraswati

We are in the last of a 3 part series on navigating Career Changes & Identity Shifts. My muse has orchestrated to parallel this series with the Hindu festival of Navratri, the 9 days of the Goddesses. I say orchestrated because I do believe there is a divine orchestration and we ALL have access to it. I’ve invited you to look at your transition with fresh eyes and take ownership of your experience. You can read my last blog here. Saraswati is the Goddess we are currently celebrating and she is best known as the Goddess of Knowledge. In my culture parents have their children pray to her daily for good grades, intelligence and success which give us good self-esteem. This is important but I kn

Career Changes & Identity Shifts: {3 part series} Part 2 Lakshmi

A few days ago I sent you part 1 of a 3 part series on Career Changes & Identity Shifts. It “just happened” to coincide with the Hindu Festival Navratri, 9 days of celebrating the Goddesses. I use quotes because I don’t believe in coincidences but Divine Orchestration. When we tap into it, life has more depth and becomes magical & guided. But how do we tap into it? It’s natural for the in-between phase of career transitions and identity shifts to feel like torture. I want to emphasize the importance of not jumping into the next thing too quickly. You can read the first blog of this series for why….here. Most people I know in this situation crave freedom but also feel ungrounded without struc

Career Changes & Identity Shifts {3 part series} Part 1 Kali - Release

Structures are falling apart big in small everywhere you look. This may be happening to you on a personal level. Perhaps you were laid off, your institution is going through massive change or you were called to take a leap of faith. The old way is dying but the new way has not quite emerged. This leaves a period of uncertainty & the unknown, which quite frankly most people I know don't like. For some, it can create great anxiety. I believe the anxiety we feel comes from being asked to no longer go against who we truly are on a soul level. It's an initiation in to birthing our being. I believe we are going through a great collective awakening that's asking us to stop ignorin

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