You Love Your Family, But.....

I came from a family of hard-working immigrants. My parents sacrificed a lot for me. Because of them I have so many opportunities to not just survive but thrive. However, I felt so guilty anytime I would enjoy my life “too much.” I remember when my husband and I went to Hawaii. There was a woman that was cleaning the resort. She looked kind of like my mother and it triggered me to think of how hard my mom worked. She would wake up at 5 am every day and even work on the weekends. She loved to travel, and thankfully in her final years she did get to travel. She even went to Hawaii but I still felt so guilty. My mom had just past away and from my eyes, her life looked hard. It looked like a str

Are You Hiding Parts of Yourself?

The other night I was meeting with a new creative writing group. After the meeting a man came up to me and was really fascinated by my story. He was particularly intrigued by the fact that I was Indian, traveled the world and not only looked Latina but spoke Spanish. He gently confided in me that he’s never really felt like he fit in. He’s an African American Documentary journalist and has traveled the world himself. He says that when he goes to Egypt they are convinced he is Egyptian and when he goes to Germany, they are convinced he is German. He then went on to tell me that his email name is one world traveler or something like that. I could feel the camaraderie of being an international

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