Free On-line Workshop October 26th at 1 pm PST/ 4 pm EST 

How to honor your truth, reclaim your voice, and offer your truest expression into the world 

We are taught to live from the outside in. If I find the “right” job, partner, place to live …I will be happy.  But that’s not true.


Have you ever met a goal and wonder why you still don’t feel happy?


Self-worth based on accomplishments or the approval of others is not sustainable nor will it make us happy. 

We need to reclaim our inner-voice and Believe in Ourselves to create a life that reflects our truest nature.

You'll Learn:

  • ​Why you feel held back and cant take that first step or consistent steps to feel like you are progressing with your life and goals

  • How to slow down and listen to your heart to identify your needs, desires and passion 

  • Why you need to be in community with like-minded souls also wanting to live a life of integrity - to make consistent progress


  • How to prioritize your needs and allow in support so that you do not need to sacrifice your desires to be there for the people you love

I promise this workshop will be Inspiring, Interactive and Transformative

It’s all connected!  With Sweta, I have learned not only about the abundance of the Universe but, most importantly, that I am worthy of indulging in the desires of my heart—fear and guilt free. I can have what I want and it can all be effortless.  I am in absolute awe at the magnitude of the greatness that existed within me all along. Much love to Sweta, may God bless you, forever."​ -Alagia Felix Production Manager and Creative Director

Hi I am Sweta aka Dr. Sweta

After 17 years in the Profession of Pharmacy,

I took a leap of faith and left my decade long career as a Professor and took a deep-dive into my soul and came out a writer/creative and a Life Coach.


My mission is to support ambitious, family oriented, responsible other focused women. I help them  to finally take the space and time to focus on themselves and discover their own authentic expression. 

People love my unique spiritually grounded approach of giving permission to want it all on YOUR terms without having to do it alone. Instead feeling magically supported.