I Let Life Support my Desires

Give yourself permission to do the same

You're a Responsible Woman. I know. And even though you feel grateful for your life, you are ready to do something for yourself. You just don't know what it is or you are afraid to go for it. 

I am committed to helping hard-working women and moms like you find the clarity, safety, and ease of having your desires expressed without feeling so guilty or burning any bridges.

As a former hard-working good girl. I always did the "right" thing and played by the rules. I worked hard to make everyone else happy.  I was afraid to say or do anything that could cause discomfort. I constantly put other people's needs before my own because I was terrified of conflict!  I was also really good at pretending like I had it all together.

Eventually, I had a major wake up call when my son was born 5 weeks pre-mature at 2 lbs 0 oz. 

My desire and hope is that you don't let it get so bad before being honest with yourself 

and making your needs a priority.  

I didn't know that there was a different way I could operate that would bring more fulfillment, aliveness and ease into my life.

Four years ago, after 10 years as a Professor of Pharmacy, I gave myself Permission to Be Honest. I deeply wanted to spend more leisure time with my family and reconnect with my creative expression. Once I finally allowed for that desire to express, I felt something I never really felt before - Joy and spontaneous fulfillment of desire (no striving.) It surprised me that the "hardest" part was to just be real.


My intention is to help you to reconnect to that essential part of you that is not being expressed so that you may feel joyful and at ease. 

I believe every woman has a Unique rhythm and we don't live in a world that honors and respects the beautiful complexity of being in our innate feminine nature. 




I am really passionate about this because I have watched so many amazing women in my life sacrifice their needs and expression to provide/support for others.  I witnessed the damage this caused them physically, emotionally and spiritually. I bore witnessed to the ripples of that sacrifice on to their children who felt the burden of the sacrifices these women made. 

There is a way to evolve, up-level bring more ease into your life without disconnecting from or betraying the ones you love. 

My passion is inspiring you to live with more ease and enthusiasm. This means more of what you want - not just more. In truth your soul may be craving less in life. Time off anyone?

Results you can expect working with me :
  • More clear and connected to yourself and your life purpose 

  • Liberation from negativity and heavy energy - freeing you to do more of what you want (guilt free) 

  • Your heart will be more open and you will trust yourself and others more 

  • Freedom to express without having to sacrifice your integrity

  • Tools and technique to curb stress and over-whelm acutely and long term

  • You will feel seen and loved in a way that you may never experienced before

  • Cultivation of Inner knowing and strength that doesn't have you over-work or compromise your essence to feel safe externally​.

  • Confidence in communicating your needs to loved ones so that you get what you want without hurting them 

  • oh and did I mention Magic, Miracles and heightened Sensuality

The Unique Harmony LifeStyle is a way  to help you identify and honor your individual needs while creating deeper intimacy and harmony in your relationships. 

Sweta Chawla PharmD and Author of the book I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Look For…Now What?  Left her 17 year Profession of Pharmacy after the premature birth of her son. Leaving a decade long career as a Professor she then took a deep-dive into her soul and came out a MamaPreneur/ Soul Coach/Writer/Artist. Her mission is to support dedicated, responsible, other-focused women who feel stuck take the space and time to focus on themselves. She helps them experience Balance, Belonging and Beauty from the inside out through her unique spiritually grounded system Unique Harmony. Her approach is about giving permission to want it all on YOUR terms without having to do it alone. Instead feel magically supported. When not "working," she’s either salsa dancing, at an open-mic/improv or exploring locally or the world with her family and sometimes alone.