Hi, I'm Dr. Sweta (former Pharmacy Professor), Author, Speaker and Life/Leadership Coach for Highly Responsible Women looking for more Ease and Fulfillment in Life & Work.

Are you feeling a change in your work life and need focus and direction?
Perhaps you are not sure what’s next for you or maybe you do, but you are not sure how to 
get there.
You keep trying to figure it out and are just finding yourself scattered and exhausted. 
Let me be the first to tell you that the way through is not to try harder. 
It's time to check the hustle mentality at the door. 
The way forward is to cultivate the courage to pause, get curious, go deeper and focus on what really matters to you. 
Lucky for you, I’m obsessed with reflection and helping people to put together the puzzle pieces of their life in a way that is meaningful, supported and fun.
I have walked down the road you’re on and know when you finally stop hustling through the problems and give yourself permission to be fully yourself, accept and express your truth, things flow more naturally and with ease.


When you courageously choose support over hard work, you create space to have impact with more ease.

This will allow you to have both your bliss and honor without having to do more. In fact, you will do less, because you are being more.

Whether or not you feel clear on what you really want and believe, I am here to help. 

I will stand by your side and offer loving accountability as you curate the practices necessary to support the greater work and life that is calling you forward. 
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