Hi, I'm Dr. Sweta (former Pharmacy Professor), Author, Speaker and Life/Leadership Coach for Highly Driven Folks looking for more Ease and Fulfillment in Life & Work.

Do you  feel like you want more meaning, passion, and impact in your work and life?

Do you also feel like you can't have healthy relationships and fulfilling work being yourself ?

Perhaps you feel unsure of how to pursue your desires while paying the bills, being true to YOU, keeping your home life in harmony, staying connected to your community and living in balance.

It's time to stop hiding parts of who you are and your greatest gifts.

Real peace and fulfillment come from feeling free to be yourself while having your needs met at work and in your relationships.

Ignite & embrace your natural leadership, so you can have & be more without doing more.

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When you stop working so hard and give yourself permission to be fully yourself and focus on accepting and expressing your truth, many of the things you thought hustling would provide, happen naturally (without the exhaustion.)

Things like:


  • having more time, focus and energy to pursue your passions without feeling wrong or overwhelmed

  • you will be able to say NO without feeling guilty or inadequate

  • you will empower others, feel more supported and no longer need to do it all

  • you will feel capable and confident to elevate in your career and creativity without overwhelm and more focus

  • you will feel less resentful and more connected in your relationships

  • you will confidently express your truth and creativity without fear of rejection or criticism

When you ditch hard work for doing "scary things with support," you create space to have impact with integrity.


This will allow you to have both your bliss and honor without having to do more. In fact, you will do less, because you are being more.


The first step is Clarity. 


You may be thinking but I'm not even clear on what I really want and believe, or you may know, but struggle with expressing it and taking action towards your desires.


I can help.

"Sweta is a deeply feeling, deeply knowing, deeply empathetic person who gifts those around her with her full PRESENCE. Her presence is truly a gift for those who are lucky enough to know her. When you are around her, you feel that she is really listening to you, without agenda, and coming to the conversation with open-hearted love. She is a rare butterfly of a human for sharing this gift with the world. In addition, Sweta's deep knowledge and experience with both the Western-scientific world and the Eastern-spiritual world creates a level of wisdom that is incredibly rare. When talking with her and struggling to explain a concept, she is able to seamlessly articulate the greater meaning of the concept, situation or challenge. With her ability to explain the greater meanings of things, she also vulnerably and willingly reveals her own personal trials and challenges and how she has overcome them, helping to make the person she's speaking with feel less alone. It is like she is able to both see things from a bird's eye point of view while also feeling connected to the issue at hand from a grounded place."


Katie Morell 

writer + strategist

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